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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullying In A Community Center

(Bayonne, NJ, US)

Recently I have been a target of bullying in the work place I've been called things like "too nice, phony, sneaky etc" When I first started working at my job I felt as if my co-workers were my second family. I spend half the day with them and they all seemed so friendly. Little did I know they were all talking about me behind my back jealousy could of been the target I'm not really sure.

One day I was called into a director's office and said that it was bought to her attention by a very "reliable source" that I had been looking through my bosses desk but the source would not be named and I was told if it happened again I'd be fired. But I did not understand why the only person who had seen me do this was that source mind you there are cameras everywhere I work because I work with children and its a precaution. Cameras didn't capture me nothing did then I spoke to my boss and he said that the person who informed the director had been a part of the company for years since they had been an infant.

My coworkers continued to talk negatively of me and I was constantly being harassed at work. I informed my boss he said he could not do anything because the coworkers who literally me had been there longer than he could not confront them.

Two weeks later a coworker of mine said that I had been speaking negatively about her daughter. She literally stood no less than 2 inches in front of my face and directly humiliated me in front of all the children I work with. I broke into tears. I later talked to my boss once again and he said this too shall pass. It's a constant issue and I do not know what to do. I'm stressed out and I cry a lot more often. It's becoming mentally unhealthy for me.

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Community Center Bullying
by: Anonymous

That is truly difficult to have to work at a place when you are bullied like that. It sounds like there is not going to be any help for you. It is a shame to have to always say to the victim, "Can you leave?" I personally think it is wrong to always tell the victim/target to leave when it is the bullies who should be leaving. The more we placate and give in to the bullies, the more they will continue to harass others, even after we move on. But when it gets so hard to take, it leaves the victim little choice.

Would it do any good to use a "surprise tactic" on them, such as turning around and getting 2" away from their face and saying rather loudly, and very firmly, "I am not taking this kind of treatment from you any more!" or "I will not accept it when you treat me like this." (Don't yell too loud as bullies think that is the worse of all sins; once our local small town cop said he'd send me to jail for using "too loud" a voice when I stood up to a bully.)

If you could find just one other targeted person to stand up with you, it would help a great deal. Through this website, another person found me via some super sleuthing and we have become each others support and strength. It truly helps make us both stronger and able to stand up to the bullying in situations where we are not able to move away.

I wish you wisdom, strength and courage to stand up to those bullies. We victims must find courage to not let them ruin our lives. It's not easy.

Bullied Out of a Sales Job
by: LT

I feel bad for you, but it seems that they have gotten together and decided they don't want you there. (Not meant to hurt your feelings) I have been in the same situation 2 times, it was alot of jealousy, and some of it, they had wanted someone else to have my job, and the other, which I found out later, is someone in the community did not like me, and they were spreading vicious lies about me. Hence I quit both jobs and did eventually find something else.

If you have no other means of money coming in, I would definitely start looking somewhere else, and not put them down for a reference. Put another employer or someone that you know down for a reference that you know will give you a good reference.

I would also start documenting everything that is being done, dates, times, names, then when you do get a job, I would definitely speak to an attorney, try to remain calm ( I know this is difficult) but it doesn't seem like you are dealing with sane, rational people, I know I wasn't. I found out later that half of the people I was working with were on meds for mental issues.

Believe me when I tell you it's not worth the pain, and the emotional, physical wearing down of your mind and body.

You can also go to a temp agency and work for them for awhile, at least that's money coming in until you can find something that you are trained to do.

Best of Luck To You

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