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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullying In A Social Housing Boardroom

by Helena
(Ballarat, Victoria)

I was the secretary of a new social aged housing apartment block, most of us trained for twelve months to be effective board members which we did for the first seven months in our new building, a newer lady joined our group, before we moved into our new complex, From the first directors meeting, she screamed at me after the meeting in front of the whole board stating she wanted the filing cabinet upstairs, this is where I had placed all the office furniture etc as I was the administrator with the help and advice from our Treasurer. This bully had been made a rental officer because we could not obtain one. She had not at that time had anything to file, as I have a serious and ongoing heart problem I was unable to climb the stairs to go to the office and was using my own computer and office equipment in my own home, all I needed at the time was the filing cabinet downstairs because I was filing on a daily basis.

The next day she came over to me when I was sweeping my porch, hands on hip finger in the face yelling, you only have arthritis like the rest of us, I ignored her again and went inside, two days later she knocked on my door, hands on hips again finger in my face again and said again in a raised voice, "I was in management and you are wrong," I asked her why, she replied that notice on the board it is wrong, I said to her I was asked by our treasurer to type it up for him 5 minutes ago so go and bully him. She left, at every meeting thereafter, she interjected my minutes at every opportunity, one night the chairperson told her to sit down or he would postpone the meeting to another date, she sat.

Because of my illness and the stress this women caused me, I ended back in hospital and had to have surgery to slow my heart rhythm, it was ok for one week and she started interrupting minutes again until I said to our co-ordinator, I need a leave of absence which was granted, since my non-attendance at meetings she and her fellow bullies of which there are three now, sacked our wonderful very learned chairperson, have taken over the board and now after the recent A.G.M. are now the sole board members.

One of these members assaulted physically both another aged member and myself on different occasions, causing serious injuries to one and both arms severely bruised to me. That is now in POLICE HANDS, we are awaiting the Police findings at the minute. Our social housing co-ordinator said he can do nothing until the Police charge the person who had assaulted and still abuses visitors coming into the complex.

A notice of breach of duty was drawn up and signed by me in the official way and the new chairperson, friend of the bully and the assaulter refused to sign it. So no breach of duty has been served upon the assaulter. I am in the hands of victims of crime at the minute and because of my cardiac issues which are ongoing with G.P. and Cardiologists letters to that fact, are still having to live in this awful atmosphere.

The people who are bullied are 75, 83, 85, 86, and 73 respectively in age. The bully is a younger woman as is the assaulter. We have had no response from the Police as yet, the assaults took place last July 2011 and Sept 2011. We are still awaiting a result.

The company that owns the building said they can do nothing to help us. I am consulting a psychologist for anxiety and panic attacks every time I see the assaulter going past my door. I am keeping my doors locked and my blinds drawn. I am so very frightened.

Being Bullied at Work? What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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Don't give them another minute!
by: Anonymous

I am so sadden to read this. As a 45 yr old I felt my bullying to be so childish, overwhelming and quite frankly unbelieveable. Why do people behave in such a manner? Why is control and power such an important thing to them. I can only think it makes them FEEL. It's dishearting to hear that at such an advanced age that this behavior still continues. Is it at all possible for you to move? Do you have any family you could go too? I have learnt two things from this site. One is that if you can get out, do so. The other is that bullies are 'takers'. They see your happiness, your skill, your popularity, etc. and they want it, so they take it. Maybe you need to stop and take a step back and think about your life and how you want to spend the rest of it. I think your good will can go a lot further else where. Don't waste anymore of YOUR time, your health, on people who don't love you or care about you. Move forward, put this behind you. It's time to spend time smelling the roses, laughing, enjoying your life now. The best way to beat these bullies is to hold your head high and show them how happy you are. You do not need them. Enjoy the rest of your life!

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