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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullying In The Work Place

by Edwin

I made a complaint to my supervisors about my boss calling me names and hitting me on the head with Styrofoam packing, poking his finger within inches of my face and since he has found out I am not isolated in a cube with nothing to do.

I feel this is an extreme case. I have been physically assaulted and made fun of. I am normally a very strong person. I have never had to deal with this my entire life. Very sad actually that we can't do more to stop bullying in the work place.

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Keep the Faith Ediwn
by: Anonymous

Our nation is filled with sickness and sadness. From my observations, plenty of people are so doped on drugs of all types (including legal) that they simply are not in their right mind as their brain has been altered. I do not know the answer except to educate those we can and watch society bottom out, going as low as it can humanly go before it can rise again. Don't give up--stay true to yourself and surround yourself with nontoxic people. There aren't many any more, but they still exist, searching for you too...true, faithful, ethical and good. Maybe five percent??

Bullying Education
by: Anonymous

The management need to take control of the bullying and teach their employees that it is not ok to bully other co-workers. It do take more complaints from other people for the company to investigate the bullying situation. Management may say "it not a big deal" until other complaints starting coming in. My situation was so stressful cause my former boss was more interested in trying to save this bully's negative reputation. She didn't believe my complaints about this female bully at first. The truth start coming out right after I did quit cause other employees didn't like how this female bully was acting. So they start making their complaints to the management. The company separated the former boss and female bully. The former boss got transferred to another store in another state. The female bully end up quitting her job for a better job. Everyone ask me why she did bullied me knowing that she had no intention to stay with the company. She could had left me alone and not harassed me like that. I don't have any hatred toward her for bullying me like that. I just don't respect her as a person.

Don't let him hit you...
by: Sarah

Psychological abuse is bad enough, but physical violence takes it to a whole new level.
Next time this low life pokes you near your face with his finger, put your fingers in his eyes.

You can claim you did it in self-defence, which you did, because they lashed out at you first.

I would call the cops if someone hit me. But only after I've incapacitated them.

Assault is a criminal offence. Please don't let them get away with it. You could take him to court over that.

bad advice Sarah
by: Anonymous in NJ

Bad advice Sarah. My story 'the answer to bullying' gives the spiritual response to life. We are on a journey of Spirit that properly done where we acknowledge the Lord by our actions; the Lord who lives in us - we will receive grace for doing good even despite suffering. It is true. As faithful believers; we do not act contrary to that Spirit. Look to what is above (heaven) not what is of earth. Remain faithful to God. NEVER do we act like those who are bad.

Poking a man in the eyes or any harm done; will not only get a worker terminated, but placed in jail. And it won't set to well; when our final judgment day comes with God.

Bad Bad advice

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