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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullying Information And Advice

by Josie

I too, was a victim of bullying. For those who think it only happens to the young, think again! I am now in my forties, and needed to rest for a very long time, before getting back on my feet. The fact I was older and heading for forty when it happened, was a good omen in itself. The break which I had no choice but to take, and for various reasons, finally gave me time to reflect and wisen up.

I had the pleasure of working for some wonderful industries in my life, but like previous writers, I was extremely shy by nature. I lacked confidence and self esteem. In my case it stemmed from my childhood. I was also an anxiety sufferer which explained my slowness in learning a job and agitation when I needed to confront an issue. I was picked on many times to say the least. When you have personal weaknesses bullies can zero in on them quite quickly, because they can connect with them, except they hide theirs in a more abrupt and overpowering manner.

Victims of workplace bullying are everywhere, but I say to all those that have suffered, never give up. Victims are often the best workers, can be extremely attractive, can have a wonderful personality and great vision for their futures. They may stand out in a crowd and can become popular with other co-workers. If you are a victim of bullying circumstances, don't beat yourself up about it, and add further pressure to what has happened to you. It is obvious there are good qualities about you, that those doing the bullying, don't have. Bullies are often people who see in their victims qualities they wish they had and to compensate they will act in a manner to cause you personal injury.

Here is a list, I put together. It is only general advice, but I hope it is sufficient to help anyone out there whom is being targeted and bullied.

Never walk out of the company, as you can regret this action when you calm down.

Never bottle up the pain, it can be dangerous to your health later on - trust someone.

Gain the courage to speak to someone about what is happening to you.

Find out about the law and where you stand in it - make general enquiries.

If necessary take time off and see a doctor about it. Matters that are noted are always used as evidence later on, if necessary.

Get information on unions.

Never keep it away from the company itself, give the industry a chance to resolve the matter first as often, those up top never know what is going on below them

before going further especially legally, get all the facts, and know how it is going to affect you and the industry that was paying you. References are important besides other things so you would want to cover yourself if you loose your job.

Try and respect the hand that feeds you, because no organisation supports bullying and harassment. It just so happens that sometimes people are put in positions that don't suit them and to try and better themselves and hide their own insecurities they bully others.

Keep a journal or diary of events that occur - this is extremely necessary if matters are to go further.

Always be on your best behaviour and act professional. Try not to discuss the issues with co workers, especially in a negative manner, because often its the gossip that leads to being further mistreated.

Never spread vile gossip about the company that injured you because it may very well be a small group of incompetent people that have just given a well respected industry a bad name.

I hope this helps some people.

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