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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullying Leads to Grievance, Sick Leave, Threats of Termination

by Lynn Nunn
(Milton Keynes, UK)

Have worked for the organisation for 2 years and suffered from bullying. The perpetrator has formed a clique with the other members of the team to exclude me and talk about me behind my back.

My grievance has taken 14 weeks for the outcome to be advised that none of my allegations have been upheld and although I was initially offered a compromise agreement I am now being threatened with termination.

Have been off sick for the duration and received no support from the company at all, no contact has been made by my manager, no referral to the OHS, etc, etc, etc. At my whit's end, help.

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Washington, US
by: Sandra

Have you contacted an attorney? If you have a grievance, I assume this is Union? Can they just terminate you if you are Union in the UK? They can't over here.

If you are Unionized, have you talked with them about what else you can do?

Hopefully this helps a little. I'm in the same boat right now, but they can't fire me and it's ticking them off. I've contacted our Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. They've said they will give me a right to sue letter.

by: Anonymous

Good luck... I started out wanting to follow my grievance all the way. Like yours it took a long time to make a decision... more than 7 months and it still remains unresolved. Of course the university wont admit to any of the claims as they will set a precedent and open themselves to litigation. I have been advised that if I pursue legal action it is likely they will spend hundreds of thousands fighting it to drag it out... not something I can even think of affording. Is it any wonder people take their own lives over this... or consider buying a shotgun and getting all these bastards that just flaunt the rules!!!

Build Your Self Confidence!!!
by: Louralee

I know that you might not want to hear this, but hear goes ... find another job! I know it's hard. You are yet again being uprooted from the comforts of routine - but consider the costs if you do not.

1) PTSD may set in, if it hasn't already;
2) Management will also go for the company in the end. One person's problem to them will not stop the profits - in short, they don't care!;
3) When you look back, do you want to regret wasting too much time in a place where you were treated like crap?

Get whatever training you can get. Lay low, send out resumes. Silence is golden here. You stand a better chance getting a job when you have a job versus when you don't have one. When the time comes, hand in your resume (while saying a healthy F**K You, in your mind of course) to your boss.

Now May Not Be The Time To Move
by: Anonymous

In this financial climate (a big ironic cheer to the 'top' bankers), if you do move to another job, the chances are you'll be last in and first out if and when redundancies come along. So be careful. Sometimes, it's better the devil you know. I've spent the last 2 years with a bullying / favouritism / inequality grievance that has recently reached Director level. Next stop it's a panel of 'independent' councillors and that's the end of the road for my complaint. But I'm STAYING. Why the hell should I leave? I've told the truth all the way through. I've made these people feel uncomfortable, but that's their problem. I've done nothing wrong. My health is now good again after 5 months away from the place with stress. I just don't have it in me to give up and walk away :)

Don't Give Em The Chance
by: Anonymous

I say, go straight to the top and forget about the process. To be honest, I may be a little bit bitter here from past experience, but going through the process doesn't get anything accomplished. It gives them time to cover their butts if need be. Go straight over everyone's heads to the top. Then they won't have nearly as much time to mess around. People don't take grievances seriously. While it is serious to you, they are not thinking from your perspective. They are thinking from their own and also struggling with maintaining loyalty. Skip the "process" or complete it and if you are unhappy, don't go up the ladder of the chain of command. Chances are the next person on top will have already heard about the issue and will already have a bias. If you piss people off by going over their head, you piss people off, but in the end it makes them more honest because they will be afraid of what their bosses boss thinks. Or the CEO of the company. I guess I don't know how Unions are different, but make it a federal case until they listen, especially if it is something serious.

Bullied in One of the Big Super Markets
by: Anonymous

I started working at a large well known super market over a year ago, within months I was getting the bitching and evil looks.

Even tho this was affecting me I just kept my head down and did my job. Then christmas evening come, I had been invited to the pub for a xmas drink. Like a fool I believed coworkers was finally wanting to get to know me and go for a drink as a good will jester.

I turned up at the pub were about 15 of my co workers were and there mates. Straight away it was obvious I was a fool to even go and that night destroyed my kids and mine xmas and my health.

After an hour or so with not one person talking to me and my failed attemps trying to talk to a few, I was wanting so much to come home, but didnt have the guts to just walk out fearing being laughed at.

An hour or so later I couldnt take anymore and decided to leave regardless. I got up to leave just got to the door and they all turned on me, threats, name calling you name it I had it that night but then I was beaten up.

I didnt go to police even tho I was black and blue coz I felt so stupid and didnt want any more trouble as I had to work with these people.

Xmas day was horrible my teenage kids seeing me battered and bruised, crying shacking. Xmas is something my kids and me will never forget.

I wasnt due back to work until January and thought if I just went in and not even looked at them I would be ok. The bullying continued I was laughed at, insulted humiliated, isolated. Everyone had heard wot had happened but because I was attacked by the popular group of the store, everyone only spoke to me to get the details and even they went off laughing.

I spoke to a senior manager about it and he took the bullys into the office, but it made things even worse for me.

I have now been signed of work since February, have suffered extreme depression, big weight loss, cant sleep, to scared to leave my house, anxiety and financially in the s**t. My kids are affected by all this and was scared to leave my side for months cause the doctor felt I was so close to a break down. I am on sleeping pills and antidepressants and have had weeks of counselling. I am slowly on the mend now, I havent had any support from the store, there not interested. And tomorrow I have to go for a formal meeting regarding me being off work. I feel sick to my stomach and terrified and so alone.

banned from sick
by: jm

hi can any one help me i was of with depresion for a bit and the company i work for say im going to be banned from the sick i dont think this is right as it was them that cozed it and made it worse by stoping my pay im now being told that if i dont return to work then i would be let go on capability can they do this i have allso been told my union official cant make the meeting but the floor rep will take other but i dont want him as he doesent do anything can i have my union official at my disaplinary please help

Bullying Management
by: Anonymous

I guess it is harder when you don't have a union backing you up.

I'm not sure about other unions but We Rural Carriers stick together like glue against bullying management reguardless of whatever personal differences we may have.

We believe that if they can get away with mistreating one of us they can get away with mistreating any of us. It makes the union much stronger that way.

One thing that helps is that Postal Management hardley ever does anything in the order they are suppose to when they go through dicpline procedures.

Most unions are very thorough with their knowledge of Labor Laws and how they can use that to fight back.

Most individuals are helpless if they do not have the finances to fight back.

I am in a dispute right now. No, we couldn't get a settlement with Post Office higher ups so now it is going to the US Dept of Labor where they are unbias and will hopfully see right through things.

They should have no trouble seeing the Bullony.

That is how it is different with unions. :)

USPS corrupt as it ever could be
by: Anonymous

I haven'been there for 18 years. I did nothing but work. If you work you get abused . If you are lazy you get rewarded, make lots of OT. I got harassed by janitor who said sexual things and stalked me around the block where I parked my car. He broke my car window. Made me have a miscarriage because I had stomach aches everyday trying to avoid him. Bosses laughed. Postmaster did nothing. District managers did nothing. After years of abuse the janitor finally left the job. The damage he did to me destroyed me. My bosses call me names. Tell everyone I am crazy. Every new person coming in is sucked into their click. The bosses give their friends help on the street everyday and call it a pivot. So who do you think does it. Now my hip gave out. The doctor says I need a hip replacement. I am doing physical therapy for now. My boss allows one
girl carrier to come in early everyday and never go out on the street. She stands by his desk dressed up showing him pics and texting on phone. She sits at his desk writing up the schedule. But she never delivers mail. She can make OT. She just bought a new trhck. I have 2 small kids to support. My boss allows me to rack 3 hours and go home. Only has work for his friends. Luckily I have the kids father helping out but it is a struggle. I never thought I would have to rely on someone else. I don't like it but my job abused me and now I am run down. Hard work does not pay. You have to be lazy that's the only way to get ahead in these days. But I come from a family of hardworkers. They taught me right but these times are filled with lazy people who want everything for nothing and get it.

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