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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Cashier Harassed and Humiliated

by Cindy
(Somewhere, USA )

My experience is bad, I have only been there for 1 month. I and others are made to clean toilets with bare hands. When I refused the supervisor told me to wrap my hands in toilet paper, saying they all do it. The cash drawers have no keys and we are not allowed to count our money, other employee's use each other's cash drawers. Managers come collect your money and count it in private, needless to say several of us have been told we have been short and will have to pay the money back.

I have been verbally abused on the floor by a manager. But the ultimate, we have to call for help when we need to go to the bathroom, so I kept calling over and over I had held my self so long that I had to slip away or embarrass myself. When I came out of the bathroom I was jumped by a boss who said I never called. She said next she would answer, well the next time I was forced to urinate my clothes because she refused to relieve me again. When she found out what had happened she laughed about it, oh and others know.

I am so scared to go to work each day, because what if claim my cash is short. I feel that they are harassing me to make me quit or someone is stealing from my drawer, but how would I know over 5 to 9 people have access to my drawer and I am not allowed to count it.

Please help my mom was a teller manager and can't believe the lack of security.

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To Somewhere USA
by: Anonymous USA

Quit today.

America is NOT the way it used to be.

We do not need to succumb to abuse like that. Save your sanity. QUIT NOW.

Recycle cans, work at a home based business--do anything but subject yourself to life-threatening abuse. You simply cannot reason with, nor change, dysfunctional people. Find the FIVE PERCENT good people on this earth and hold them dear.

I quit
by: Cindy

I called and discussed my issues with a manager, who denied and defended their poor policies. I put her on speaker phone so my family could here the excuses, why they allow other hands in my cash drawer (she said and I quote, "they are trusted employees that use your drawer"). The manager that has given me so much grief, informed me that she had taken money from my drawer and was putting it back. You can imagine my thoughts when she was the one accusing me of being short or possibly stealing. I know what it is like to work hard I had a great but demanding job before I moved. The boss treated me and the others with respect and I sure miss it. I wish I could warn others about this place, but they most likely wouldn't listen due to the popularity of the store. The second day I was there another employee pulled me aside saying not to trust anyone. I just kept thinking it would get better. When I told them I quit, the manager said to use this job as a learning experience, I am sure that she felt that she meant I was the one at fault. But my view is you are right I won't fall for that kind of treatment again.

That's Great News!
by: Anton

That's terrific Cindy! Putting up with that kind of abuse is just not worth it. And it just sounds like they were just stealing the money themselves and making the cashiers pay it back—nice little scam (I'm surprised they admitted as much). You know if push came to shove they would blame you for the missing money which could have gotten you a criminal record to boot.

It must feel like a huge weight off your shoulders. I'm glad to hear you've put these clowns behind you.

Cindy the cashier
by: Anonymous NJ

Cindy; TRUST your own intellect. This sounds like a very SMALL store; not a corporate retail chain where TRAINING and PROTOCOL are. If you need to gain cash handling experience...and you like handling cash; raise your sites a bit higher. Your mom worked as a teller in a bank...is that right? Go to a two year community college to learn how to be a bank teller. While going for that diploma (it might not take long...maybe 6 months... but there are other things you will also learn; administrative duties, computer input, etc...
GET an ASSOC. DEGREE...GO NIGHTS if you have to; and find A
SMALL (mom and pop store where YOU are THE ONE handling the register. With the day job handling money with one owner who needs you and the night school... YOU are propelling your future forward.

Don't even put this job down on the resume. (they don't have to know every job you worked) If there is a gap; say you were giving thought to your future (it works when you are young) If the gap is only 6 months; it is plausible. No one will question; ESPECIALLY if you show you are now enrolled in school - going for assoc. degree.

Ask at banks for possible job openings as a teller; sometimes they hire and train TO A TEE... especially the big banks.

This is GOD'S JUSTICE... GOD'S JUSTICE... when you leave the bad place and SHOW THEM (whether they know or not is not relevant) show THEM... YOU ARE better than what they thought. NEVER let ANYONE pull you down... to a lower level. You are SMART... give yourself credit and start doing things FOR YOUR OWN FUTURE... as you work for someone else.

PS to Cindy
by: Anonymous

Another option; after being the person who handles the actual cash; as in a bank... is to get trained as accountant or accounting clerk; which used to be called bookkeeper. (plenty of need for bookkeeping clerks; sometimes that can be on the job training as well; if you can convince of your basic math aptitude.

Cash handling takes in many facets; not just being a cashier.

Acct payable or Receivable clerk, maybe someone who handles invoicing for a business, or bank teller; with options to go into bank administration. (now that's CASH handling responsibility)

Aim HIGHER...not LOWER. You CAN if you are really called.

I hope by now you quit that firm. Walk away and don't look back. (the only problem is they will hook in someone else; but there's no way to control the lives of other people; GOD is there to warn the others if they are in tune to Him.

Grocery store needs HELP
by: Anonymous

I have a floor manager that insults me always when I ask for help at the register in front of the customers! I need help with certain item's as wic ebt. She runs the store as it's a bar with yelling making my life and others very upsetting! What to do?

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