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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Cat And Mouse Game II

by Lizzy NJ

Cat and Mouse… be a positive, business like BUSINESS person. That's who management hired; or wanted to hire. Do not tell jokes, do not try to be 'witty', not even if secure in job after many years. Smile when others share humor or DON'T SMILE… if the joke is in poor taste or you just don't get it… shrug it off and begin speaking of the reason you came to their desk area. Never laugh at an 'off color' joke.

Do not attempt to over do personality but be who you are. If quiet; accept yourself. If talkative… to begin a job; bring it down a notch or two or three. Talk will hang you.

Do not fall in with gripers. Positive Positive Positive and SOLUTION finder (but ask first don't just implement a solution no matter how common sense it is)

Remember: people today are walking wounded. Yes; dare I use the word SIN. They fell victim to it or were touched by it. Sins burden the soul when they are not released in appropriate ways (via prayer and resolve to amend and when they lack Spirit understanding and make themselves GOD).

The luggage folks carry in to work: drug rehabilitated or a family member in such program or WORSE 'not drug rehabilitated' but 'still addicted', they come divorced (it leaves a wound; however it came to be… it is a form of rejection of them) they come separated, they come without any commitments of love but simply 'share an abode' with another, (non committal in personal life will not see commitment to duty in work as good either… they will be self centered as they are 'in the home'). They come wounded by overindulgence and debt ridden (credit cards), they come with shallow esteem UPPED by the car they drive, and are in debt for, or their fashions worn, they come with half kids and step kids to support, support but not necessarily love. They come from bad home lives as kids, or so they perceive. They come with jealousy, pride (bad pride) arrogance, they come with unresolved anger (mostly at themselves).

Kindness, Gentleness, Contentment, Happy (DOWN DEEP) compassion and patience (aka mature of spirit) are just NOT present. These are Godly attributes and they do not exist in a humanistic secular culture.


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