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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Caught In A Knot

by Elizabeth

I am the target of a bully who knows she is behaving badly but believes it is her right. Although she has had formal written complaints from clients, management has not "punished" her, rather she has been given a position of authority over the rest of the staff.

My problem began when I reported to the manager that her rudeness had made a client cry. Since then (May 2013) she has made it her mission to create grief for me.

Every day she finds something else to criticise or belittle me about. This is in front of both clients and the other staff.

Last week I confronted her about her behaviour, she laughed and abused me. I had a panic attack and went home from work. I am now in violation of the Code of Conduct for employees and facing a HR review. I feel as if I am back at school being sent to the Principal's office.

As I have a history of mental illness I am afraid I will be labelled a "nutter" or trouble maker. I spent most of the last week struggling to find a reason NOT to commit suicide.

I don't understand how one person can have so much power that they are able to get away with their hideous behaviour. As I read your book I recognised so many of her behaviours that I felt sick knowing that other people have to deal with the likes of her.

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