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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

City Carrier Assistant Bullied At Post Office

by Miriam
(Natchez, MS)

I was working with the post office for over four years when a thirty year+ employee referred his friend to transfer into the post office that I was currently working at.

While I transferred to this post office I had never had any investigative interviews. The harassment and (5) threats of termination, being manually clocked out while I was still delivering mail became emotionally and physically exhausting where I would vomit prior to reporting to work each day.

I am a female and the post master continue to call me dude and stated that he have enough on me to get me gone. I was continuously written up, given routes that would have me to come in late. Violation of my FMLA rights.

The 30+ year veteran told management that I was speaking about the post master and the supervisor in a negative way to a union official and that's when the harassment came. And did not stop.

Currently because of the abuse I am taking anxiety, depression medication and sleep aid assistant medication. I have to see a physician. The post master went to several employees and stated that my spouse was physically abusing me.

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