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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Class Action Lawsuit Against The Post Office

by Kerney
(San Leandro, CA, USA)

Hello, I have heard quite a bit of horror stories that were caused by the Post Office. I have my own incredible story to tell. I would like to start a class action lawsuit against the post office.

Please reply back if that is something you would like to do because with enough people backing us we can at least call attention to our suffering and hopefully send a few monsters to jail.

This is the perfect time to get our stories out there because politicians are catching hell.

Comments for Class Action Lawsuit Against The Post Office

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Targeted at Post Office
by: Jewel Krayan/Jan H

I can send you a copy of my book. Contact me via facebook. I took early retirement after they killed my dog. I am in horrible financial situation as result. Jewel is my pin name, real name is Jan Hartwell. I loved working for the post office, best job I ever had and I was a good carrier too. You would not even believe what happened to me.

illegal actions by carriers, mgrs.
by: Anonymous

I I would like to join the lawsuit against the post office. Cutting story short, one carrier allowed an african woman to sign for my certified mail and her family mbrs. used my address. Another clerk assigned me a po box and when I complained she was suddenly allegedly retired. Another clerk gave me one key kept the other and my po box was used by others and she refused to give me a mailbox without putting in a change of address. Now my mail box was broken into twice and I reported the mgr. and the new lock has been tampered with. Here is what I have found out. Any organization you go to linked with the post office office they will send you back to the source you are complaining against and the source will downplay the situation and call it resolved to move on. I pray enough people will come together. I now have to admit to having a post office box i never had. I had to allow a clerk to use a po box i never gave her to use to give me a po box and i had to accept carriers giving my mail to others to give to me, i have had to accept the fact those who are supposed to uphold the law are not able to do so. I complained about having to present my deed vs, a drivers license. I was denied the right to go to another po to get lock repaired. Carrier brought order to hold mail and tried to get me to change it. clerk read my deed, mgr told me the only one to change locks was out with covid19 and i could not go outside po or to another po to get lock fixed. Whenever replies are given they turn it on the customer and n e v e r give specific info relating to case. It is a shame.

You only need 2 people to start a Class Action
by: Lin Anonymous

I'm sorry you are going through this. Bullying ruined my daughter's highschool experience and its devastating. In school at work, bullying is never ok. You just need to find one more person to file a claim. They need to be called out with swift and clear consequences. You got this! Stay safe stay strong.

Tired of their bullcrap
by: Rebecca T

I mailed a box of books on 12/15/2021. It still has not been received. They started a service request one day and 2 days later closed it. I called them and said I never got the books back, nor did the buyer get the books. Why is this matter closed? They said it was still in transit, and I said not for 3 months it hasn't been. It is stationary at some PO office. They refuse to look, investigate or research. I have been given 6 different telephone numbers to call but they all read "full" when called and you can't leave a message. These books are valued at over $750. How can I not get any action out of anyone to help me locate this box?

Class action against post office!
by: Anonymous

PO left a certified letter in my mailbox. I didn’t sign for it neither did my spouse he was out of town! The supervisors response- what’s the big deal and tried to make me out as the culprit! Starts from the top! Fire these lazy supervisors who aren’t adequately training their staff, pushing their deficiencies onto the customers!

withheld pay
by: Anonymous

The post office has withheld my pay for over a year since I quit. and will not send it to me ... Ive tried even the inspector general and got no where...

anyone else been screwed out of their pay

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