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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Commenting on Mobbed at Work

by Anonymous nj

I write comment to the counselor who spoke of what he's experienced. He wrote of one observation:

9. Bullies run in packs and that makes most of the situations that I see mobbing. The "bully" almost always has support from colleagues, subordinates and especially organizational leadership. Current "anti-bullying" measures have been learned, integrated and turned against the targets.

I too, finally realized this most important piece of information about the business world. (so obvious it is, but if we don't think like 'them' we don't expect what is happening)

A 'bully' is a worker. Salaried or hourly; they work 'for' the company and they need their job. So, of course they aren't going to do 'nasty stuff' or 'say nasty stuff' if they don't have 'the okey dokey' from 'their boss.' Bullies are not stupid, they know the walls have eyes and ears. So obvious. We know a bully is a coward; yet 'we think' they act as they do by themselves. NEVER. They work 'for the company' and will do what 'the company' tells them to do. (right or wrong) So; another reason why one does not seek 'help' from a member of exec management. They already know and they hope you run to them; it says "can't handle people" (which is
of course not true, it's all about intimidating co workers but THEY KNOW IT...so keep the lips TIGHT. (laugh at it, silently, that they think we the worker is 'so dumb' to their ways.)

Companies no longer need a lot of help. But, at times it benefits them to get things "tidy" / maybe the economy is bustling and they need extra hands to churn things out. This doesn't mean they will keep the new hire. I firmly believe they 'test' the character of their new employee to see what they do, say, or how they act. In the old days, good character was a given on all sides. Management set the example, of course. I do not think that's how management thinks anymore. They will have someone poke, mock, rattle the chains to get mad, ostracize, leave out of information pertinent to the job; to see if this one passes 'muster' (somewhat like boot camp in the army) But the testing never ends...they are never satisfied; they keep it up. It matters not if the victim is terminated; he or she sweats, puts out lots of work, and then when this worker yells Uncle...they throw up the yellow 'penalty' flag and that good worker is OUT of the game. Then they hire another victim and the cycle continues. (if they can, they try to make it such they don't have to pay unemployment insurance: ie: they hope the victim quits or they can trump up some charge so they don't have to pay.

Without a doubt, when another worker 'like the bullied worker' is arrogant, nasty, demeaning...BEWARE because he acts not on his own. He knows better than to act on his own.

When taking a job make sure you are filling a bonafide need and not just 'replacing' another. That the NEED is there for this added position.

Such a sad world.

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by: Anonymous NJ

I am making comment on my own article. Can someone put in simple words the meaning of zero sum competition? I think this is the managerial way of dealing with workers these days (and what I think I was circling around in the above article) I think it would be beneficial for workers to know 'this policy' so as to be prepared when they come into a new job. Thank you for your reply.

new hire
by: Anonymous

I've worked several jobs in Texas, two temporary contract and two "permanent", but I've learned there is no such thing as a "permanent" job in Texas for an out-of-state worker. Very often, a Texas manager will bring in a person from out of state as a "seat warmer", to hold a position open until the person he really wants to hire is available.

The decent, honest manager will make it clear the job is temporary, The bad, dishonest manager will do everything he can from day one to make the new hire miserable and make it hard for the new hire to do his job, trying to fabricate reasons to fire the new hire.

Oddly, once the new hire is snagged, this manager will even say things that make it clear to the new hire the job was and is meant for someone else. That's how bad working conditions are in Texas. The manager doesn't even have to hide what he's doing because he knows he can get away with it.

by: Anonymous

Dear Tex;

Thanks for the corroboration of my thoughts. I don't quite know why, though, a manager wants to keep the seat warm - rather than just WAIT til the right candidate comes; UNLESS, what you mean is they need immediate help but they in management are always willing to hear out someone who can do it better, maybe even cheaper. Is that what you mean? It's the market conditions; it all favors a business; workers are replaceable...if they can do what a hundred others can also do. (even the one who takes the job from the seat warmer is not safe...not if 'just' a worker) The good character attributes of dependability, honesty, family values...(THERE'S LOTS who can 'fake it' for eight hours a day)

A worker is a worker and businesses find them just a necessary 'evil' to profit making. They are always replaceable; especially when there's few jobs around. (where free enterprise is not) Big government and Big Business work hand to glove. So; if a worker KNOW IT... work for a firm as ethical as you can find who will keep you if you show up; then show up and DON'T GRIPE. Don't whine, don't listen to those who try to get you to gripe while they know when to keep the lips shut. (the problem of good workers is our co workers...that's a fact of life) And, in respect to business owners taking a new guy when opportunity comes...let's be honest and fair...when the times were bustling about 30 years ago; workers left someone who gave them a chance to go to another business of more dollars. (same theory right? comes down to dollars and not thinking of the person) Business owners caught on too. WORKER has to speak the intention of why they want the job BEYOND just the "I need money" / because owner needs money too. Everyone needs money. The one who stays permanently is the one who is passionate about what they do...and brings VALUE beyond dollars. That must be brought out 'in the interview process'

If not...expect to be temporary til they find something better.

ps to Tex
by: Anonymous NJ

p.s. Tex: don't get me wrong, I know many workers remained loyal to their employers. But 'the few greedy workers' do make it hard for the good and loyal workers. We don't all want to leave an employer for greener pastures; and then too, sometimes...it's ok to do so. Employers do understand when a worker is young and there's only so far to go in a place that they will move on. (do it professionally, give 2 weeks notice even if 'some' say it's not needed (manners are always needed and it shows respect) Make sure the
new job is SURE before giving the notice; of course. Help in the transition as much as possible.

My specific problem was shyness at 22. I didn't have a car til 25. I never quite knew how to sell myself to any real position. I always thought it was 'lucky' if they hired me. (when things were booming...that wasn't a problem.) I can't say I ever quit an employer...the only 2 times leaving was my decision was the earliest jobs. A small town paper where I pasted up the articles for press and then...I worked where 2 firms merged then split and I went with the firm that was about to close so I left. I always wanted 'a future' but 'in my case' I don't believe they saw me as anything BUT a worker. Quality conscious, yes. hard working...yes. honest, yes. reasonable wage - yes. I believe in my case...it was just the 'culture' as it was progressing...automation, computerization, and 'lack of enough to do' when hired for everyone. "just" a worker like any worker. And eventually 'it was my age' and 'lack of work' and 'female' status (I believe an aging female is seen as a liability to business...they fear having to get rid of me ... because of the aggressiveness of other females...they judge me as 'with that group's attitude')

So...I should have interviewed better, perhaps speak of why I wished to work in said job, showed my motivation for choosing this line of work, and that I sincerely want to serve others using the skills I acquired. And fully speak of knowing; I am JUST a worker who loves to work and learn and improve upon my own skills.

I can't be SHY at the interview.

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