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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Conflicted About Leaving Toxic Workplace

by Latreese
(USA )

Recently I was dx with an illness that altered my ability to perform certain task associated with my job. My doctor placed me on some restrictions while I understand while undergoing therapy.

I was having some bullying issues at work such as alienation, on the fly changes, pop up meetings that didn't make sense and flat out expression of how they felt about me. However it got worse.

For a month I worked hard a trying to do my job and avoid ruffling any feathers. I begin to blame myself for the treatment. I found myself stressed, getting anxiety attacks, crying and getting sick to my stomach on Sundays. My weight went through the roof, my blood pressure did too.

All I want to do is work. I love my job however the environment is toxic. I decided to take STD but feel like I'm leaving my team hanging. My heart is broken. Has anyone experienced guilt for leaving a toxic environment on short notice?

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