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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Corporate Mobbing

by Rosy
(Santa Monica )

Hi my story begun two years ago. Before that I used to receive rewards and good performance evaluations.

On 2014 I had a new manager she arrived to her position complaining about her new role and didn't work for the rest of the year. Only complaining about its leadership and culture. In that year she was on an investigation (my co workers reported her) for unprofessional behavior and don't follow the policies. I was part of the investigation I was interviewed, but nothing happened with investigation as the person who raised the complain told me because "she is protected by her manager" So I did all the work that year and the first half of 2015.

In this time (1Q2015), her manager came to visit us (she works in another state); trusting in the company ethics I complained about my manager.

After that my manager back from maternity leave and start to taking from me all my responsibilities and cut my relationships with my customer I used to have full contact with them and I was very immerse in the organizational dynamic.

In 2016 (1Q) her manager came again and there were complains about my manager again, not only for me, for the customers and coworkers as it was the first time. Those complains were ignored. Everybody quit that fight.

After that she gave my responsibilities to a new intern (who worked in the past with her), and I took responsibilities as if I was the intern (my manager and I have the same level and earn almost the same salary).

So my life was hell, I have insomnia since and a contracture that heal October last year.

She insulate me and not share with me any information.

The organization now is transitioning to a new owner (was bought it in last month). And she put me out of the transactions and still doing a diminish work.

So after thinking a lot in October last year I raise an investigation that just close in February. I raised that investigation at very high level to be sure that I will skipped her manager, but it didn't work. My case as retaliation and unfair employment practices (harassment), was closed because the organization is on sale and there were only recommendations about her manager style and issues with communication only. I was so angry when I knew this and she become stronger.

Now I full invisible even for my co workers who complained as well in the past. One of them have received 6000 usd in rewarards and of course, put distance with me.

Now that we are going to transition to a new owner, I have two choices wait for my severance (because my role will be put in question mark as it doesn't have any value in its content) or wait for a good opportunity out side.

I'm in a rage as an article I read I'm sad and tired and my family is the same. I'm depress and fight or cry for things that are not worthy with my poor husband that has been very supportive.

I just think in revenge, but everybody said relation and harassment are very hard to probe.

That my story.

Thanks this space.

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