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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Covert Tactics By Corporations

(Louiseville KY)

Wow! Where do I start? I work at (international courier company). I have had sups running "skits" on me for two years. I have had everything that I am... used against me. I have been kept in fear of losing my job of twenty plus years for two years now. I have had to visit the hospital for stress and sleep problems like you would not believe.

When I told the doctor that the company was always trying to do things to set me up and that I had to be on defense all the time the hospital said I was delusional, they said I was paranoid. And get this! This is a big eye opener! Then the doctor said I had the same profile as Wesbecker, who had apparently been a patient there before he killed himself. He was the guy who mowed down a bunch of people at his work place because he was fired. Wesbecker also had to visit the hospital and be put on meds. I would say he had the same types of things done. He couldn't prove it and they finally fired him so he went berserk.

The kinds of things done are hard to prove, up to perception comments. Its a technology used by the CIA... sound crazy?... well it is. I have researched this stuff. And once you become a target they never stop. It is used to push an individual out or get them to explode and do something to get fired over. In that sense it is pretty simple.

I believe that my management is trained in this because they work together. And I have been to HR and HR. That is a joke too. The information that I gave in HR was also used against me. There are cameras and microphones everywhere. This company is low down when it comes to there employees yet they give Pre-Sort Communication meetings on Integrity. Im sure they will fire me some day on some set up because they get pretty clever. I just keep trying to defend myself and watch my back but it is exhausting. Need help or some kind of backing and guess what.... there is none. That is my story.

And the company plays down any accusations of such saying well its just that there are so many people and no one has really done anything. Its maddening.

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Covert tactics - I had a similar experience
by: Anonymous

"The kinds of things done are hard to prove, up to perception comments. Its a technology used by the CIA... sound crazy?... well it is. I have researched this stuff."

I am intrigued by your story because I have similar experiences in terms of having CIA tactics used against me in the workplace by an executive to make me think I was going crazy. Please tell me where you researched this, I need to learn more to understand exactly what happened to me. Thank you!

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