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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Co-worker Is The Bully, No One Will/Can Stop Her

My bully is a 'attention seeker' with 'gatekeeper' and 'serial' bullying tendencies. I suppose not being her only victim is a little comfort, in that I know it's not just me but I worry for others. My bosses (and above them) know about this, they fear her too. My union knows about her (she tried to get one of them for sexual harassment) She's smart in the way she does little things that have no witness or don't amount to anything big, making you look like your picking on her, like I'm the bully! I stopped reporting. Before the bullying I was diagnosed with PTSD, work related injury. After an accommodation I now have the pleasure working with her side by side. She has shoved me. She does things knowing it exacerbates my symptoms. Now she herself causes me to have flashbacks of my injury. I had to leave work, burning all my sick time. Insurance companies are bullies to; hoping you'll just return to work or quit or even better, jump off a bridge! There is no protection or recourse. I'm at the point of losing my house. This is taking over my life. I'm unable to function 'normally' anymore. Always looking over my shoulder. I'm seeing doctors, etc. but it's not helping. Because of this my family is suffering too. I'm not the same person anymore. My question is what real choices are out there for us? I need to make decisions and I need real options.

What now?

How To Deal With Bullying at Work: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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co-worker/lnsurance com
by: aura

I think you have enough to worry about, than worry about this bullys next victum! Thats no longer your problem as I understand you have already left work.
So don't add any more to your worries, it not worth your time of day.
You have a family, If you have children THEN your worries (NOT work worries) should be about their wellbeing. Life is for too short to allow somone as evil as this woman cosumme your life and the lives of your family.
you could enjoy being with your family. and be glad that you have been blessed with one.
I guess your immediate concern is getting a new job. can you re-train to doing something that gives you pleasure.
Can you do gardening it is so relaxing.
I don't know what country you live in but I think insurance companies everywhere have one thing in their values
and that is to Empty your pockets and to fill theirs.
So yeah! I feel for you when it comes to Insurance bullying. Kia kaha (Be strong)

Response to the above
by: John


I recall a slightly similar incident in my working life, where an older female office senior, who was training me, one day, purposely shoved into me just as I was on my rest period. There was no explanation given for this complete turnaround in her behaviour, which other people witnessed. I was too young at the time to have the resources to tackle her, but later found out that she was from a bad background with relatives on drugs. There was also jealousy, because I had a degree. It was not much consolation, but I see through it now.

Thank you for your encouragement
by: Anonymous

Thanks. I think I'm begining to realize why the bully has me so afraid. My PTSD experience was due to an angry person who stocked/bullied me. This experience with the bully is closly mirrored, now I'm starting to understand why this bully is triggering me. It's a starting point. I'm from Canada. My 'sickness' in regards to the bully is viewed as 'stress', nothing to due with my PTSD, therefore insurance wont help. I don't see how I can quit$$$...I don't see how I can't! It saddens me in many ways. One that both my bullies get away with it. Two, more to prove that the world has some nasty ugly's out there who are untouchable! Three, I questioned myself about me being a bully after reading the 'are you being bullied'. I wanted to protect myself so I avoid her and to some degree that's bullying. Four, I've changed so much. I'm not the same person I use to be. Where did I go? I'm scared all the time. I'm so scared 'I' don't want to come back, if that makes any sense. I avoid so many things, espically conflict.
Sadly it looks like the bad guys win again because from what I see of answers here, the only way is to quit.
Terrible how a bully can effect not only the target but the family behind the target too. I wonder if she know's this, I wonder if she's happy....somehow I think she does and is.

Don't do what I did.
by: Anonymous

After reading 'Just us Justice,the gentle genocide of workplace mobbing' by Janice Harper,PH.D (www.janice-harper.com) I feel better about myself in regards to 'am I the bully'. Apparently my experience happens to be quiet common. After being bullied it was not hard to find others who also where. Some just approached me with their stories. Together we went to management. Together we all got accused of bullying the bully. Because of the bully's well known history, it was all thrown out, but things only got worse. Other co-workers found out about the situation. One day I noticed someone had tryed to do damage to the bully's property, I don't know who. I informed the bully of the danger,(as bad as this person is two wrongs don't make a right). The bully was shocked that I did, but sadly this act of kindness didn't stop her ways. Another co-worker approached me and acused me of doing it,'who else would have done it!' I was horrified and hurt by this accusation. That's when things really got worst for me. In protecting myself I now thought I was being viewed as bullying the bully by others. Co-workers who once understood and who experienced the same bullying, where now 'down gradeing' it, changing their tune, and worst of all had painted a different picture of me. It's no wonder I had a breakdown.
It's only by reading this that I realized that I'm not only being bullying, I'm being mobbed.
I highly recommend you read this. The advice is good, realistic and down to earth. I took the wrong advice, the wrong road, thinking juctice would prevale; good over evil, right. It only made things worst. My health, my family, my finances, me, all distoryed.
I want to Thank Anton for 'OvercomeBullying', I really needed a place to be heard, to be understood and not alone. I've learnt a lot. I do feel better.
Take the advice people, the only way out of this is to run. Run fast.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullies: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

workplace bully
by: Anonymous

You have to outsmart the workplace bully as most times management wont confront them unless they witness them in action. Management in most cases want you to confront the bully and then they chose whatever side they believe. My workplace bully tripped herself up and left soon afterward. This was when management took credit for her departure.

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