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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Co-worker With Low Self Esteem

by Narelle
(Australia )

I started to work with this woman who appeared nice on the outside but was a rotten apple on the inside! She was a supervisor and totally obsessed with the boss who was much older than us.

She invited us to go out (there were three of us in the place) and then told us all the secrets of the boss and his family. She knew him for many years, and also worked with him for many years. She had a low self esteem and told me about her sisters and family and how they give her such a hard time! All I did was listen and provide some feedback, I called her pretty and told her she should not worry about sisters etc.

After few years of working with her, she turned on me and told our boss I did not listen, and got something wrong. I believe she did not tell me about the stuff she was supposed to, but he believed her. He called me a liar and she was just sitting there with her head down, no doubt enjoying this!

I felt so bad I left this place on the same day. I kept in touch with the other girl, but now I just try to get some peace, and not look back. I hope the boss retires soon, he is older, and the backstabber will be forced to look for another position, maybe they will do to her what she did with me.

I have forgiven the boss, because he is older, and totally brainwashed by the bitch. I wish the other girl luck, but she only worked there part time and has another job, so she is going to be ok, just going to her other job.

I am so at peace now, like you wouldn't believe! I think having poor self esteem makes them such bitches, but in future we must make sure to have some other people in our lives, like family, or other friends from another place. I am glad it is over, and when I looked for work, I did not even type the name of the suburb where I worked.

I found one close to me and thank God I don't have to go to the other side of town anymore. People are beautiful around here, and my new job makes me happy!

When you see people who are way too friendly at the start BEWARE! It is usually too good to be true!

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying:
What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for Co-worker With Low Self Esteem

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Social anxiety sufferer
by: Anonymous

Hi Narelle

I have experienced the same thing in lots of jobs, there is just so many bitches out there.

I worked at my local hospital, check out my story named 'people hone in with those with anxiety and depression'.

I am glad that you now have found a nice job where you are happy, that is my hope now.

All the best


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