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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Coworkers Make Fun Of Me But Are Nice When They Need Something

by Kelley

I am bullied at work. I'm a female highschool senior and am not the most verbal (guess that is the right word) person but am really compassionate and I care about others. I'm upset about what happens at work because my co-workers usually end up making fun of me, my work, and how I react to things. It upsets me a lot because I really want to get along with them and I feel they use that by making fun of me or ignoring me until they need me to do something extra or a favor and then they act really friendly and say they were just kidding. help I need some advice on how to deal with this. thanks

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You've got work to do
by: Trinity

Hi, your colleagues sound undermining and immature. They don't sound very evolved at all. Social ostrication is one form of bullying and it usually is accompanied by other forms of bullying such as back-stabbing, ganging up behind your back, monitoring your work closely to try and find fault. I would suggest that you regularly visit your doctor and talk about what is happening to you at work, go every week so that there is a paper trail in case things get a little more dangerous. The doctor may suggest anti-depressants and they are not a bad idea, they will help you cope with what is happening, sort of numb the anguish and anxiety a bit, to allow you to think and strategise productively. Check out your options, do you have income protection insurance? In some countries the employers pay into a superannuation fund that also has income protection and total and permanent disability insurance if things go wrong. If things become unbearable you can go on 'stress-leave' and look at your Workers Comp options. Make complaints to your employer, document these and if the employer doesn't do anything about these then they are breaching their duty of care. Find out who the ring-leader is and keep a wary eye on them. At all times remain composed in the workplace and pretend that nothing is happening, this is really hard to do, but if you react then they will use it against you. It sounds as if you are at the beginning of a long and nasty journey, there is no escape. Once a bully has set you in their sights then you have already lost your job. Pay off any debts, reduce expenses, prepare for the worst and make it your priority. Don't freeze. You need to swing into action, and behind their backs. You could look for work elsewhere, ask your boss for a good reference and if it is your boss that is behind it all then s/he will give you a fantastic reference to get rid of you. Otherwise you will get a fantastic reference. Remember that once a bully has set you in their sights then you have already lost your job and there is nothing you can do, it is out of your hands, you are powerless and it is not your fault. Remember that, it is not your fault. Believe it. Tim Field has a fantastic website on bullying, bullyoline or something. Good luck sweets, I'm a victim of multiple psychological assaults at work and because of the injuries I can never work again which is a bit of a waste of two degree's, two post grad diploma's, a teachers diploma, and 10 years experience as a senior health clinician, and I have no come back. I havn't worked since February and welfare refuse to give me any money even though my psychiatrist says I'm permanently unable to work in any capacity, more victimisation from another angle. I'm a bit of an old hand with this sort of thing and I'm taking Welfare to court this month, cross fingers for us both.

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