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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Cry For Help

by Paula

My name is Paula, and I am 47 years old and I live in Belfast and I was born with a cleft pallet. Over the years I have had quite a few operations. I went to a primary school at a very young age there the bullying started it got so bad I then move to a special school in Ards called Killard school. Life for me was very hard not being able to have friends get good exams learning history geography science. But my special school was so good and everyone was good to me. 'Til I come out to start to work. Now onto my jobs everyone of them I have had some kind of bullying. Saying things like I'm so glad I don't have a face like yours, rubber lips mental etc. 'til this day that stays with me.

Think I am doing the write thing and then it ends up te wrong and oboy do I suffer for it and here we go again. I have been to my bosses some have been good and some have just made it ten times worse. I have went to my parents and friends and at the age of 47 yrs this still goes on and on. My message to you all out there is stop the bullying god made me the I am. I have had enough please stop can anyone help me or give me advice. I have a scare on my mouth my speech and my word and maths aren't great when I was young it scars me to me to be al alone. But the best thing is I have a heart of gold and a mum and dad that loves me.

So stop the bullying lets all try to get along its not are fault the why we are lets us have peace in are hearts a smile on are face no more fear worry stress sadness fo we have a wonderful city so to everyone out there a child boy man woman. Be happy stand up hold your head up high cause we are just as good as any one else. Any advice out there would be most helpful thank you.

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