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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Cyberbullying and Harassment

by Anonymous
(Winkler, Canada )

I been experiencing cyberbullying and harassment about four years to present. I ignored it till they kept pushing my boundaries. I had enough. They made memes (pepe frog, other memes) about me, made quotes on t-shirts (mocking me), short documentary about pepe frog, my sd card was stolen and posted online, drove by my house with loud mufflers every day, vandalized my car, stolen my recycling bin, stalking me online and in person, gossiping about me to get people to make fun of me: everywhere I work, and places, I visited. They are trying to sabotage of every aspect of my life. At college, work, etc. I been stared at and made fun of by strangers. I never felt so embarrassed and humiliated in my life especially when people don't know me and the struggles I went through. I think social media platforms need stronger anti-cyberbullying and harassment rules.

I used to go out until the bullying started. It was hard to go out. I had to go to counseling and take antidepressants. I talked to a counselor and my wife about what's happening and find a solution. It took me a long time to express myself about what's happening.

On a positive note: I empowered myself by practicing jiu-jitsu. I learn how to stand up for myself and set boundaries with a help of counseling. I finished college and focus on my goals. I planned on putting up cameras. I put addresses on our bins to deter the thieves. I am currently building confidence and reporting any posts of the memes and decided to document any further harassment and bullying. I hope no one experience this nightmare. I am focusing on being happy with the people that love and respect me. I'm staying positive that all this will be resolved soon. I am slowly going back out again such as going to the beach, eating at a restaurant, etc. We only one life to live so I have to live not stay in fear. I might have to get the police involved once I am ready with all the evidence.

I never thought I be a target of cyberbullying and harassment. I want this to stop and hold these tyrants accountable for their behavior.

I wish anyone that is experiencing this kind of suffering, I hope you heal and have the power to stand up for yourself because no one will.

Thank you God and my family for being kind and loving towards me when I needed when times are tough.

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