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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Dangers of Obessed Cyber Bullies

by Angel Bischak
(Columbus, Ohio)

Angel L Cich and Associates

Angel L Cich and Associates

To my surprise workplace holds many various areas of company culture. It can be office, business, vendors, colleagues and a mirage of other named work related relationships.

One part that seems to be the biggest issue is when you confront a person that is making you uncomfortable or a person who is taking advantage of your kindness (as a weakness).

I have been a target of harassment my entire adult life in one form another. Maybe I am the problem? Well not so fast. You see it all has to do with nice people. If you have a certain nice personality and you don't fight back you get into a victim trap that goes with you to work, school, relationships and business ventures. The best advise is to stand and do it with confidence.

Once a bully always a bully to some degree. Once a victim always a victim to some degree? NO absolutely not. Find what energy you are giving off to cause the bully to think they can combat with you, or just speak sarcasm. Then show what you are made of.

If they are talking bad about you at work send them a certified note saying if this continues I will take evidence to the company with a log of daily assaults. (Give them one chance)

If it is slander on the internet and it is an alias name but you know who the perpetrator is, send them also a certified letter of the warning. If they continue, take it to the authorities, give them all you know about the person, name, address, work, phone, and the logs. Plus what they are doing to you professionally and personally. If you are in fear of them hurting you physically give your reasoning why and file charges.

Bullying can lead to someone going overboard and hurting someone, so authorities are actually taking it more seriously.
First thing to do is realize you are a human being that deserves a certain amount of human respect and decency. To say the least to be left alone.

Some bullies attack at work because they have an insecure MO. Others attack online and write slanderous info about a colleague or a business connection. Maybe based on what the bully believes to be true or believes they can justify. Sometimes it can be someone you fired or someone who you have wronged in their eyes. It doesn't matter bullying, stalking or harassment are all in the same crime.

People all make mistakes and bullies sometimes after being confronted will admit their wrong doing and apologize. Others just continue to slander, humiliate or persecute the victim until someone stops them.

A persons private life is guarded under the Privacy Acts of the federal and state governments. Anyone taking private collected information of a citizen of the US and using it to callously hurt another is an arbitrary violation of federal and state laws. Just as in identity theft laws. If you know someone's private medial information, private information concerning their minor children or families is part of the laws connected to identity theft.

Fines and imprisonment are part of the new bill Cyber Bully Rescue hopes to get passed.

Another law is that we want to be able to go back a minimum of 5 years for any defamation relating to the violent bully acts surrounding major cases of either workplace bully crime or cyber bully related crimes.

The best way to stop a crazy obsessed bully is to beat them at their own game. Use the law to force them to stop. The best way to a persons fear is take their assets. Punitive damages for slander, humiliation or persecution can be more money than its worth for the bully to continue.

Be careful on getting the bullying too upset if you think they could hurt you.

One case I am going to refer on , my colleague filed a complaint about person at work and the bully was fired for harassing this man. Two weeks later, he started harassing him by slandering him in his hometown, church and sports league. He filed suit and the man broke in his house and tried to assault him. Be very careful how far you go, try to understand the bullies MO and how much or how far they would go to hurt you. What starts out as a slander, bully or verbal assault could turn into a physical assault over the course of time. Do not underestimate the bully, they have metal issues or motives you cant try to figure out unless you know their medical history. Most things can go unnoticed until you have enough evidence to actually have them arrested.

If you can prove someone intentionally ruined your reputation and they are in another state it can be federal. So cross your T's dot your i's and log, record and take notice of any behavior that is off the charts as normal. Whatever you do, do not become part of the slander if its online or at work. Two wrongs will not get your case anywhere. If they check your IP address and see you have been part of slanderous accusations your case goes out the window.

I have had a group of bullies following me for a total of 5 consecutive years they all feed off one another because they have one thing in common—me. Instead of having the ability to move forward they continue to harass and embellish on the slanderous side of thread blogs.

It is getting close that any form of harassment will be considered a threat to a persons life and at that point people will only write truths and leave out the negative narratives of deceit. Politicians are also in the game of ruining reputations. The difference is they truly do need to back up their evidence and also record who they are.

In this land of the free we all have the right of due process, the right to liberty and justice for all. Not just for the workplace bully or the cyber bully. Remember that any form of harassment that makes you uncomfortable, scared, or worried is a form of bullying. You have rights under every state in the constitution to protect your reputation, your freedom, and your right to liberty and happiness that is what makes us the greatest nation in the world.

The men who fought for our freedom to live peacefully and with liberty in all areas of ones life did not do it in vain.

If someone takes that away from you have a right to due process to hold that person accountable in the court of law.

There are laws coming out that if someone is harassing you at work and you can get one person to validate the harassment you have a case for punitive damages.

If you are being bullied on cyberspace you have the right to get IP addresses on the perpetrator or if more than one perpetrators.

Once you have IP addresses it will be your right to prosecute in your state. It may take up to 3 years once you start the process but once cases are tried and won in some states the due process time will be minimized.

Keep track of where your bullies are living. When all evidence is collected and ready to prosecute you will need to have their whereabouts to have them arrested. Just do not confront them or do what they are doing to you.

First states to try the laws will be as follows:
New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Georgia

Hang in there and if you can afford to get an attorney and remove negative comments or get BRAND.com to help you, it would be in your best interest to get IP addresses before being cleared.

It only takes 10 separate direct insults of defamation for it to be a criminal act in the state of OHIO (Ponderous evidence to do harm). If someone is stalking you or your business even on the internet it is a form of stalking. That is 7 separate acts of stalking makes a case.

Whether you are being bullied or stalked you need to take note: these offenses are a crime.

Will you please help us?

Thanks to this site we have a place to collaborate. We have over 100 people all across the US going so far. We need at least 100 more to really have an impact on the current legislation of the laws.

If you would like to be apart of my lobbying group going to Washington Jan 14th please contact me. The stronger we stand together the more impact we will have.

Let me know your case and I may be able to refer you to my attorney that works on a contingency basis he is in Washington DC and handles all states but Hawaii.


Angel Bischak

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