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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

DCC is a Hell Hole


My Bully experience came from a variety of people. From the LPN who thought she was the DON, the MDS coordinator, and the Administrator. I had never received a bad evaluation in the 9 years I had worked in this nursing home. I was told over and over by the previous DON that she wished she could clone me. In fact she recommended me for the position when she was taking a new position.

My first year as DON was a dream come true. I loved my job. The residents, their families, and the staff told me they were so glad that I was there.

Then my nightmare began. BH we will call her came back from maternity leave, and all the lies started. I went from being a very confident hard working nurse, enjoying every aspect of my job to someone who didn't want to go in to work. I dreaded it everyday.

This BH would be seen in the Administrators office, and the next thing I know I'm called into her office, and being accused of things that I supposedly did or said. All of them were either taken completely out of context of what was going on when I said/did them, or were out and out lies -- never happened. The Administrator wouldn't even let me talk. She said that I could not talk to the staff without telling her everything I was going to say. How can a person be a DON if they can't even talk to the staff. If I would write someone up, it got ripped up. If I didn't write someone up, then I got in trouble for not doing it. I terminated someone as they were a "no-call, no-show for 3 days, and the Administrator told me I couldn't do that. But, then someone who was a "no-call/no-show one time, she fired them on the spot. Only because they were not one of BH's cronies.

The Administrator, BH, and the MDS Coordinator would meet, and when I came around they would laugh and tell me they were in a private meeting, and It wasn't any of my buisness. I was supposed to cut hours because of budget cuts, but I couldn't touch BH or the MDS Coordinators hours. I was like, what -- how can I cut any more nursing hours when there is only 1 nurse on the floor each shift. So if I were to cut nurses on the floor there would not be a nurse on duty. I was like we should cut office nurses, and BH and the MDS coordinator refused to work the floor.

I was told I was stupid everyday, but it was the MDS coordinator and BH who had never changed a suprapubic catherter or a peg feeding tube, and when I said that I would teach them, the Administrator informed me that I made them feel stupid. It's like -- they were the ones that said they didn't know how to do it. All I wanted to do was show them. I wanted to say "Well if the shoe fits -- wear it."

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Washington, US
by: Sandra

You should have respite soon. What they are doing is bullying. They MUST have a policy in place by 2009 that addresses and stops bullying. If not, you would have legal recourse against these people.

Hang in there!

Nursing Homes Can Be Brutal
by: Solange

Nursing homes can be tough. There's a lot of pressure to be perfect. I worked in a nursing home for many years, and I know the inspection process you go through is brutal. It is supposed to be adversarial. In other words, nursing home inspectors are SUPPOSED to bully you to a certain degree... find all your faults, give you deficiencies... If they don't, they get in trouble.

I think that affects people in very negative ways. When people are not feeling strong and self aware in themselves, they start looking for someone to take it out on. Unfortunately, it was you. You were just there.

I'm not letting these people off the hook. I'm just saying that there are many factors that cause good people to go bad. I think that the Federal inspection process, despite the fact that it has improved quality of care, is a causative factor in nursing home bullying.

What was the comment about having to have a bullying policy in 2009? I left nursing home practice to go back to the hospital. Is that a state reg or a federal reg or what? Would be curious. Thanks.

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