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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Deliberate Ploys To Isolate Me

Hello, I work for a largish organisation who you would think that things like this do not happen but ever since I have started my boss has made it clear that he does not want me there but I initially thought that once he has seen my work and nature he would soon relent. I have stuck it out as I am on my own but my life has fallen to pieces and the whole office seemingly has a routine to push someone out if they do not conform etc.

I have a hearing aid so do not get involved in the chit chat very often but am confident to make an overture myself so decided just to go and work there and work and go home...

I do get very frustrated and under my breath mutter things but obviously that only invites derision as the others do not know what he has done. He singles out someone (usually the same person) time and again to undermine me. There is usually a sentence about me being a threat to him and they target the senior boss for praise at the same time.

At the beginning I thought he was being teased by the office now I know that it was deliberate ploys to isolate me and work the mobbing technique; he is unrepentant and knows what he is doing (very well actually) as I have made sure I was being proper by doing "I'm okay, you're okay" although the "other" person as above is extremely good at her job and is up for playing (I tried to stop her doing it by asking her to stop but she keeps ignoring any sense of boundaries I had). So I feel I have no choice but to accept it and rise above it...

My life and patience is wearing thin but I do need this job as it is quite well paid and want to progress as much as I can but cannot see a way round the problem to isolate it. I know by making friends it will solve some of it but the problem with that is I do not know how to trust as when I think am finally doing this the problem comes up again.

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