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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Depressed Due To Demeaning Workplace Bully

by DS

There's a 58 year old man in my team. I'm about 20 years younger than him and make more than him (found out when he asked me how much I make and by the look on his face when I told him).

I've bent over backwards for this man - trying to be nice to him and listening to his stories but he is unrelenting. He bullies me. All he does is sit on his ass all day talking about the past and I respect him for his age if not for his character but he constantly puts me down in meetings and other places. It's incredibly demeaning.

There were times I felt like killing myself. I told my boss and he was defending him (they've been together for years) and implying something was wrong with me and that I'm upset over some personal family problem (partly true).

However, it's incredibly upsetting at times. These days, I don't say anything at all for fear of a rebuttal from the bully. I cannot handle another racist or derogatory remark. I will kill myself if I have to.

Everyone thinks I've gone crazy and irrational but it's better than being bullied. They can fire me at this stage - I've given up.

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