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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Devastated Male Victimized By Two Women

by James
(Everett, Wa, U.S.A)

I was a was a target because I was the type of person who made the decision to be happy everyday, regardless of any circumstance. I was there for 2 months. About one week after being hired, I began to experience hatred and attitude with 2 female co-workers. They told management lies about every aspect of my performance. I was retaliated against simply for attending a follow-up meeting after hire at managements request. I was open and honest and stated that the women were very difficult. The matters escalated. If one dish was found dirty, all the dishes were pulled and placed in sink for re-washing... If I made a mistake or forgot any little detail... I was confronted with such contempt that I felt horrible. I was called names such as liar and Mr. clean.

Ultimately, after several meetings with management, I failed to realize that this was some kind of ousting. I spoke to these women and asked them what they expected of me, I let them know that I had concerns, as I was giving 110%. I never raised my voice, ever. It is not in my nature. They went to management and said I yelled at them and they were in fear for their personal safety. I was loved by literally everyone else there and even offered a supplemental position by H.R, since they loved my performance. I brought the women coffee and flowers on occasion. I was transferred, then I quit because I was stripped of perm position and all benefits, also I was now an on-call. DISHWASHER?!?!

I was humiliated, it had major effects on my health... I had surgery shortly after all this happened, and it took me twice as long to recover... I was downright agoraphobic, I suffer panic attacks, have depression... I've developed Fibromyalgia and the list goes on.

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