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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Disgusted With School Sweeping Bullying Under The Carpet

by Sara
(Valley Park)

It just won't STOP. I feel useless. I went to the school, Valley Park's principle and they shoved it under the carpet. I have had to put my daughter in a private school that as a single mom, I can hardly afford and yet what happens the girls from her old school, Valley Park in MO still continue.

I just found out my poor girl had been talking with one of the most notorious girls known for being a "mean girls." Faith wanted so badly to trust, believe and finally be accepted and certainly, without a doubt, felt she was being accepted again, especially after being gone. (See, after Faith graduates from Sacred Heart in 8th grade, she will have to go back to this horrible school, where she is supposed to feel safe, because I simply can't afford the cost of these private high schools here and unless I can find a place to afford moving too we are stuck in having to return to this nightmare of a school!) If the public only knew what goes on at this place).

It made her feel wonderful at the very thought of actually being missed by all the girls she was betrayed by, girls she had hung around with and laughed, had sleepovers with and played sports on the same teams and that's another issue; she loves her sports but the entire teams are made up of the girls who hate her and tell her they hate her and that she needs to quit or else...

One night I know the coach heard them harassing her and this guy was my last hope as well. Bob the one guy Faith loved I lived and helped made her confident and then he falls for his daughters bs (because he wouldn't want anyone to know his own daughter also became that child - he himself had to deal with bulling his daughter went through) but now that she is with the popular girls and wouldn't God forbid want to ruin things for his daughter so he then allows his daughter to now treat Faith poor but oh no, not Bob his daughter would never act like this girls and he now turns a cheek as if he doesn't notice what is happening.

As a matter of fact, because I pointed it out, and very suttee and quiet, what does he do takes Faith out the rest of the game!, which this team, no one sits bench because of the small amount of players they have already. So here they go bad, calling her a slut, (Faith didn't even know what that was) when she found out just what it really meant she was devastated seeing is that she has been raised in the complete opposite). She prides herself in not knowing what it meant, she doesn't want to ever be that person.

How did she get targeted? She was honest! During a physical fitness test, she pointed a girl out , for not hitting the mark therefore her counts should not count and she would have to start over via the coaches request. This girl prides and brags her own self thinking she is physically the best, the fastest and the number one player no matter what sport it may be.

Her parents are bullies. Grace actually brags about her grandfather getting kicked out of two subdivisions for beating up two old men putting them in the hospital and a woman to where they couldn't even stand. I'm scared for Faith and myself because these people know where we live and Grace has told Faith she knows how to break people's bones and snap their necks.

Faith was so happy her first day at her new school and has been FINALLY FOR WEEKS until she found out yesterday she was a pawn in a bully group formed from where, her old classy school, Valley Park, Which by the way I promised I would never have to default to living in Valley Park the absolute the WORST AREA IN THE COUNTY OF ST. LOUIS.

Until my tragic accident happened again as a single parent I was run over by a car. So very lucky to be here today, yes, and thank god every day for being there, to not just keep my life but give me strength to get out of a wheelchair and be strong again. Never will I have my old job back where I made extremely good money and worked hard for it too. However, I do well. I do have two older kids one I helped push threw college and the other in Med School. I'm doing the best I can. But this, this bully epidemic, I was not prepared for. I was raped at 7 and thought that was bad. These children don't have much of a chance to survive and thrive happy with a daily fight in their life EVERY DAMN DAY!

Faith's best friend she could rely on whole heartedly. Sydney is probably the worse of the two for the simple fact she always stayed by Faith's side up to the last days of summer. Said how much she was going to miss Faith and that these same girls who were mean to Faith also had it out for her for all kinds of reasons but one was being associated with Faith. Now not only has she been turned into a horrifying person to Faith but now leads up to setting Faith up for painful heart breaking pranks pretending to be her friend still.

Today my baby found out well, what was the tip of the iceberg she had another bully and herself playing as if they hated each other to prey upon Faiths most sad times and fears but also her new found happiness at her new school and made her feel she had a shoulder to cry on now. Faith has always been close to me and knows to always keep me informed as to what's going on and who she is talking to always.

Turns out she hid the fact she was talking to this Sydney and Anna. Her worst nightmare came true! They got her new friends information and her new boy "friend" she had a crush on and he her. So they have gotten on his "Musically" acct and cut him down, made fun of him and now Faith has to take that heavy burden. I'm scared.

Faith has always showed emotion, cried when her feelings have been hurt or if I have been let down by her and I let her know. She is such a good girl/young lady I'm afraid of that thing I knew would never get in between my daughter and me would happen. I am so disgusted with this school, they just pushed it under the rug.

Oh and to heighten things, one of the teachers, Mike, whose kids go to Valley Park well his daughter is normally a good kid but because I had to go to the principal's office because another kitchen duty parent (volunteer) witnessed her say "Oh I'm Faith and I am going to kill myself and stood up holding a pretend rope around her neck as she gagged)" well the witness called Maggie out then I was called. Told me what happened and we both went to the principal with this info. I can't write anymore right now too upset.

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