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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Dismissed From Workplace Rife With Bullies

by Bruce
(Ireland (North))

I started at a workplace on a Tory party back to work scheme (despicable) in 2012 in a fruit warehouse. I went for the interview were I was told I would be guaranteed a job after 26 weeks.

Everything was well until the 3rd week when the forklift driver came back from leave. (Nobody mentioned him or talked about him the two weeks previous.) It looked like he hasn't changed his underwear for 10 years and just generally looked like a bad smell.

The stock controller was even worse and would turn the radio down cause it was too loud, tell me I should go to the toilet before I leave the house, not allowed to leave the premises for lunch when lunch breaks were unpaid, would adjust the time on his monitor and claim I was late, amongst other things. (The guy looked like a paedophile worst thing about it.) Relating back to the first paragraph HE told me he got me this job therefore that would mean (in my eyes) I'm owed 26 weeks wages.

Relating to the second paragraph the forklift driver made a complaint about me and got called to a disciplinary hearing. (By law they have to make you aware who made the complaint.) They didn't. It's that bad that they get a HR company of the street to conduct these hearings cause their own HR are that brainless. Anyhow I got dismissed in March of 2016 (thank hell). That was the worst parts.

My uncle passed away of cancer and HR asked me to produce a death certificate.

The yard operative used to stand too close for my liking and come off with sexual slang remarks (looks like a child rapist).

I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder in 2019. Believe me that is the worst thing anyone could suffer. My advice to everyone: if your bully and/or anyone who dislikes you for no reason ever needs an ambulance leave them and walk on or say you've no credit in your phone.

PLEASE NOTE: My hand was placed on a bible before stating the above.

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