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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Dispatch Specialist

by Maria
(Los Angeles, CA)

My manager could not stand me. I got fed up with her and my supervisors treatment of me. I was friends with my ex manager and everytime we spoke on our breaks, I noticed how my current manager and supervisor leered at us. My manager friend is male, I am female. I finally had enough and called our ethics hotline. Within days my friend was advised to no longer speak to me. He lost his office and I almost lost my job.

We were only platonic friends. I was removed from work by corporate security. I was sent for a psychological evaluation and finally forced to go on disability. To this day I don't know all the details. I am basically being accused of harassing and stalking my friend. All this is completely fabricated by my supervisor and manager. The company never validated my complaint.

I am depressed about the situation. But I did hire two excellent attorneys and hope to one day return to normalcy. The only thing I can say is if things get so bad at work maybe look for another job.

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Kia Kaha! (Be strong)
by: Aura

In my culture we have a saying and its called Mana Wahine Toa which means Powerful strong woman. and thats what I see in your writing.
You are not prepared to allow anyone to damage your mauri {essence) wairua (spirit) mana (strength) and your name.
I don't see in your writing that your friend spoke up for you.
No Job is worth the suffering that you have endured.
I commend you for the fight that you are prepared to take on in the name of truth. So I say Kia kaha and go hard.
While the fight goes on, I would look else where for another job.
Because when you win I can't see those people changing can you?

Answer @Aura
by: Maria

Thanks for your kind words. Yes my friend did defend me but to no avail. He too has had many problems.

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