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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


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Your story is so like mine
by: Trinity

Hi, same thing happened to me. If you have a medical paper trail about your depression you could perhaps claim retrospectively on any Total Permanent Disability Insurance that you may hve had tacked onto a superannuation fund? I know that drugs and alcohol help with the anxiety but in the long run they become the problem. When you can start again you may chose a vocational course that has field-work attached where you can find new referee's and write that part of your past off, never put it on your CV, tell employers that you spent those years caring for sick family or travelling. The sweetest revenge is to live your life better than what it was when you worked for them. Change your name, your looks, your car, don't let them take your power away again. I'm sure there is a black list somewhere, I've been trying to get the invalids pension for 6 months with my chronic major depression and PTSD and heaps of medication because of workplace bullying, and now I have to take welfare to court, a tribunal when I am so sick, just to get an income. I don't think that anyone else would have as much difficulty as I do. Stay strong.

Transferable personnel files
by: Considering

Yours is another sad story.

However, I have to ask, "what country are you from?".

In the USA, employee files cannot and typically are not transferred or made available to other employers. A file with the note "Do Not Rehire" would not make it from one employer to another and if it did, many employers would recognize the liability and not accept it.

If you have a bad manager who you know will give you a bad reference, don't give their contact information as a reference.

Even felons find work, so if you have not found work in ten years, it is most probably that something else is holding you back besides a note on your personnel file at a former employer.

If the thought of a note on your personnel file has been holding you back; GOOD NEWS! IT is not holding you back. Go out into the employment world. Get the job you desire. Your file is long gone by this time anyway.

Take Heart
by: Cathy

Hi, my message is to hell with them, you can get your life back. Go find someone you can talk to, that is the first step. Talk and sort yourself out, it will be a long slow process but it can be done. I know you are a good person, all contributors to this site are. My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight. As I have said, time and again, if I can get my life together then anyone can. One step at a time. Find someone to talk to baby, all will be well, you gotta believe that. Love to all---Cathy

Hang in there!
by: Anonymous

I know a lot of companies that use this system and place these types of signs on people's files these days and without ex employee knowing about it. You need to be very careful. I use to work in HR and I often came across this message. I wasnt allowed to question it. When an employer called to get a reference check on the person with the message listed, I had the task of having to tell him or her, that we would not rehire that person. The way I said it, wasnt breaking any rules, would you believe and there was no case to answer for. In the end it made me ill, I dont know how many lives I may have ruined just by saything that very sentence. I even knew one person personally, that had the same message added to file. That person, from what I remembered, was one of the best workers in the company and yet there it was. Thankfully I dont do that job anymore, but I think its important to know who puts the messages there and why. When you work with people, you dont know who or what they are. There could even be someone that just hates you for being you, or feels threatened by something you have said or done. You just dont know. If they have it in for you, well, I guess one way of getting you back is to place a message that can ruin your life. This type of message would do that. Imagine having this on your file. Imagine the kind of people that do it, and then imagine the victims future. People may disagree with this, but a message of this kind, which we are hearing more about these days, (I FEEL)is a form of harassment and it would be interesting to know exactly where it orginated from and why people are puting it freely on someone's file. You may want to also find out, if other information has been noted about you. If this is what is on your file, then your file could be corrupted with a lot of other stuff that may simply not be true and put there deliberately for other reasons. I believe it wont be too long before these types of messages are investigated and done so properly!

by: Dean Blackmore QLD

I also know someone who had this message placed on his file. It was a few years later that he made the bold move to call up the employer pretending to be a consultant asking about himself. The human resources advisor did not say anything bad about him, BUT and there was a big BUT, she did say, THE COMPANY WILL NEVER REHIRE HIM! Why did she say that? The question was simply this; WOULD YOU REHIRE THIS PERSON? Does anyone think with such a response, you would get hired? Thanks to Anton, all these things are now coming to light and people are getting a better understanding of what is really happening in the workforce and how peoples lives are being stuffed around. Get this, the poor sod wanted to take a matter to court but needed to falk out more money than what you would need to put a deposit on a house. Incredible!!!!

example of how things have changed
by: Anonymous

Reading this story, like some others I have come across, helps us understand why some skilled workers just cant get a job. Maybe in time, this will all blow up in the faces of those that caused it to happen. This is another example of corruption in the workplace. Ignorant people often say, those that are unemployed are just lazy and dont want to work, when in actual fact, there may be other more sinister reasons behind their unemployment. Now we are understanding.

A heart felt story
by: Anonymous

I wont leave my name, but I too know of someone who had this message on her file. This is a very sad story, but I wish to bring it forward because its important people are aware of how labeling someone, especially unjustly can ruin their lives. I will call her Samantha. She was very attractive. She had a difficult childhood and for various reasons found it hard to trust people. Unfortunately when she did, she became popular however, attracted just as many enemies as friends. Unfortunately the enemies were often those in charge of her work. She also had a gift, she had a great personality and was a real dedicated worker. She got satisfaction and enjoyment from being of service to others and often became popular in her team. Work was her life. She worked for a bank, but she was being bullied and harassed which she kept it to herself for fear of being labelled a trouble maker. She had been hurt before, but not like this. In time her attitude and personality and even figure had changed for the worst. The day finally came when she was told to resign. No one stepped in to help her but many looked to observe how she was coping. She was too shy and insecure to tell anyone what had happened especially with what took place behind closed doors to make her leave in the first place. I caught up with her a while back. We began talking and although she still had a weight issue her face was never the less beautiful, especially when she smiled. We had a long talk and everything finally came out. As we continued to drink our coffee, she told me about a message she discovered was on her file, and may have been one of the reasons why she was having trouble getting another job. I asked what the message was, and she said the message was, DO NOT REHIRE. We discussed how some people still work for the same bank, and how others got packages and were told once some time passes they could maybe try and get another job in the same industry. She told me how some people were asking her to re apply but she wasnt allowed. It was evident her life had been turned upside down, and that she had been out of work for a long time and needed money. I paid for the coffees, it was the least I could do! Then as we got up to leave she turned to me as said; THAT MESSAGE IS LIKE BEING RAPED! I asked her why she would say something like that, and she responded; BECAUSE BOTH HAVE THE POTENTAL TO DESTROY LIVES. Looking at her now I agree.

Thank you Anton for bringing this to light.

To: Transferable personnel files
by: Anonymous

I was in charge of doing reference checks it was part of my job criteria. I can tell you now that on many occassions companies especially large ones will not just go by the references you put down on your resume. Many will do a full check with the employers you have also listed. If there is a problem and EVEN after you get the job it can result in you packing your bags and going back on the unemployment list. Managers have a sneeky way of getting rid of what they dont want. You need to look at work like a home. Walking into a job is like walking into someones house, if you are not welcomed and regardless of what rules bind you together, one way or another you can find yourself back outside. This is why if there is an opportunity to clear up any past misunderstandings do it. I am not saying this will happen, but it is important to know that it can happen. Any one who has experienced a similar fate may be too embarrassed to admit it.

past vs future
by: Anonymous

I will not leave my name but I do wish to leave a comment.
I am sixty seven years old. I am what you call a silver surfer as I do enjoy the internet. I am surprised and shocked at stories about workplace bullying. People often ask me if I think things are better today than when I was growing up. My response is NO! Technology aside, I think we are slowly losing all the human qualities that holds a society together.

another do not rehire victim
by: Casey Bryant

Thank God someone finally brought this little message to everyones attention. Believe it or not I also new someone that had a similar experience. He was told by accident and the worker was fired for telling him. For a while I didnt believe any company would do that but he was struggling to find a job for years. My friend was honest and kind hearted and really thought the company was looking out for him. He thought the message was there because they felt he wasnt ready to return to work yet. He kept telling me that one day they will call him back and thats why he couldnt get other work. I told him he needed help. Two years ago I went to his funeral he was thirty seven years old unemployed and penninless.

how times have changed.
by: Anonymous

Its not just the do not rehire on someone's file that is a problem, but the fact it is done secretly and you cannot have it even taken off! On top of that you may not even be able to get access to your file, which automatically signals red flag. And its not just the messages, but labelling too. Almost every third person I know has been diagnosed with a mental illness and they all seemed to get it in the last ten years or so. Since when did we become a society of crazy's! What ever happened to working together and respecting your fellow man? What happened to, dont do to others what you dont want done to yourself. I read an article that stated, reasons when you should not rehire a ex employee. I dont believe there is ever a reason to not rehire a skilled employee. There is a probation period when one joins a company. If the worker is a problem in those three to six months a decision gets made then, not years later. If however that does become the case then maybe it is something else that has caused the worker to behave in a way that is not considered acceptable. If messages of this kind appear on ones record and the worker was of good service, then the question isn't whats wrong with the employee, but more so, whats wrong with the employer?

response to DO NOT REHIRE
by: Anonymous

Linking this type of message to being raped. I agree. Both take away your rights and mark you in an unjustly manner. Both affect your future and both can leave Psychological scaring. Both are negative and therefore can affect your confidence and self esteem making you feel helpless. Both can cause serous harm. Both embarrass and humiliate. Both can be considered personal attacks. There is also some difference. With one you can keep it to yourself and may be able to hide it from the public. One you can have reported and seek justice. One allows you to get help and seek counceling if necessary. I leave it to the reader to guess which one.

by: Anonymous

I wonder if CentreLink knows about these types of messages. Maybe they should investigate. Who knows it could save the tax payer some money.

by: Anonymous

Any messages that are placed in someone's file are normally discussed and usually signed off on. Its called being professional. In this case the problem isnt with you but with the employer. Someone has robbed you of your livelihood and it would be interesting to know which company did it. Dont give up I think you can take this to court. Hang in there buddy you will get something. I too am interested in knowing when these messages became the norm and secretive.

by: Anonymous

Many people have this message on their file. Dont look at it as a bad thing look at it as a good thing and you CAN find work trust me. Maybe something you said or did brought about in the company. People of this type usually have strong personalities and cant be pushed around. To keep them in line they get called all kinds of things such as trouble makers, mental monsters and so on and thats because no one can put the wool over their eyes.

- Do Not Rehire Response
by: Katrina Bowels

There can be a great debate about whether or not companies have the right to put these types of messages on ones file. If I was you I would be looking for some answers. I would want to know who put it there and why. I would then want the opportunity to clear up anything that is going to mark my reputation especially as a worker. If the employer does not let you do that then they could be hiding something. To be frank a message of this kind says more about the employer and not the worker.

Face Facts
by: B Tooles

I want to say that if anyone has a DO NOT REHIRE on their employment file it is DEFAMATION AND AT ITS WORST!!! WHY? Because you cannot do anything about it. There is no law protecting you when this sign goes up. Companies will go to all lengths to make sure they have enough data on you so that EVEN if you take legal action it will backfire! Even the data can be corrupted. Unfortunately you cant always just take the employer off your file either! If you worked for a company for years then it looks worse to have a large gap on your resume especially if later you struggling to find other work. There isnt much you can do other than have this message brought to everyones attention. If this is on your file then you may want to kiss your working days goodbye and look for an employer that will judge you on your merits. That will be hard to do because any company you work for may even be connected to the one that defamed you and you may not last. Even if the employer of where this message is placed, says it will not give you a bad reference, even if they appoint someone to speak on your behalf, even if they give you a certificate of service, it does not make a difference! You have been slugged and as much as it pains me to say it, it will be harder for you to get a job than someone who has served time behind bars. This is how bad it gets. If anyone has this on their file, maybe Anton can make a list somewhere and victims can group together and try and fight it in a court room, but I dont like ones chances.

do not rehire
by: Anonymous

Something people dont understand is that the average person thinks and acts differently to one that is "pardon the expression" filthy rich. Rich people, powerful companies enjoy themselves differently to just average everyday citizens. To an average person messages like this on someones file is considered disturbing and concerning. To a powerful company and people living the high life its laughable. A person sick or struggling to find a job is worrying to many but to those living the high life, its an enjoyment to watch and quite entertaining. This type of behaviour is centuries old and many young recruits will be brainwashed to think the same way. In the end it will be believed the victims brought it all on themselves.

Why is the question
by: Anonymous

I am from Melbourne, Australia and yesterday Tuesay 12th of October 2010, I watched a program called TODAY TONIGHT. It was interesting to see how many people were listed as having a bad credit rating and they didnt even know it. Worse still, it was going to affect them getting a loan in the future. So then, how many people have been listed as DO NOT REHIRE from a previous employer and are still trying to get a job. Is there a connection?

clearing up misunderstandings
by: Anonymous

I am a Manager of large organisation and yes I have done quite well financially.I dont think seeing someone struggle laughable or enjoyable and I am sure others are the same. No one finds such behaviours entertaining I can assure you! Sucessful organisation are there to run a business that is it. Keep in mind if it wasnt for the wealthy no one would have a job and the world we live in today will be like the caveman days. They contribute to worthy causes and remember they hand out pay packet on a regular basis. Yes there may be some dishonest people and places out there but the majority do the right thing wealthy or not. As for the message of do not rehire stamped on ones file. In my organisation this procedure would not be used and I am sure many other companies would not do it either. I find it hard to believe that many people have this on their file and that companies just add this for the pure sake of it. It is my understanding if there is such a message on someones file then it was put there with good reason. It doesnt stop the person from getting a job or the job of their skills but it stops him or her from being employed in that particular company and there would have to be a very good reason for that not to happen. If a company does say they will not rehire you then you have a choice of taking the company off your resume or getting someone to speak highly of you when a reference check is done. It is not possible that a company would do a reference check after you get the job nor would they go over your head with other reference checks if you have named someone. Companies do not deliberately try and get rid of staff. If anyone has had a bad experience and something like this has happened, there should be somewhere you can go, to find out why and what it is that is holding you back. Keep in mind that if a message of this sort is on a workers file, it may also be a health and safety issue. It may take into account the workers capabilties and handling of pressure. These types of messages are not to be mistaken as an act of revenge. When these messages appear many facts are taken into account even regarding disclosure of information. In regards to reference checks, normally an employer wouldnt even look at a referece older than five years. After that companies would be aware of the changes taking place and not bother. If all esle fails you can always volunteer to work and get an updated reference that way or do some study and have a teacher support you verbally. These days even being judged on your merits is fine, because a lot of employers are aware that work can become unstable and getting someone to speak on your behalf is not always easy. Just another word, do not compare this message to being raped. I knew a woman who was raped and the two have no comparison in similarities whatsoever. One message is looking out for your better interest the other is not. Rape looks out for no one.

Re Topic - do not rehiret
by: Anonymous

We need to keep in mind that there are many reasons why someone is not employable. We can all blame a message on ones file and yes it affects us if we know about it especially. But there are reasons why things happen. It could be something deeper, more painful and less visable that has been holding us back also. Alot happened in your life and maybe the pain of it all is what has kept you in a rut. Companies dont want to hurt people but they need to do what is right by their business and if necessary other businesses as well. How is your health? You said that now you are taking drugs. To me that just adds to the problem. The same goes with Casey Bryant's comments. Someone died at thirty seven without a cent to his name. This would not have been the message but something more deeper. I think what needs to happen in the future, is that there is to be somewhere, for people to vent out their frustrations and anger and also get some answers to help them understand why things have turned out the way they have. This is the real problem; not getting the answers needed to move on with life. A bigger problem also is that when the opportunity is there for discuss these issues no one is ready to come forward!



message on file
by: Anonymous

There are many reasons why a compnay would put a do not rehire on an ex employees file. It isnt all bad like most of the comments you have been getting. There may have been an investigation pending, or risk factors involved. You can get another job if you feel up to it, but you might need to change careers. It may be that the job you were doing was not in your best interest. Dont listen to so much rubbish companies do not go out of their way to ruin ones life they do whats best for all. There would be a logical reason for this message. Shame it wasnt explained to you though.

compare and beware
by: Anonymous

Anyone watch Today Tonite topic was Scientology? The man making the complaint said he was being followed and they even caught it on camera! Well if thats the case whose to say other companies dont do the same to their ex employees when they say or do something that THEY dont like? Sound familar???

do not rehire
by: John Smith

There is no logical reason to put a message of this sort on someones work file! If anyone does have it linked to their name then the law must step in. If it has stopped a capable worker from getting a job then legal action should be sought. Everyone has a right to work and any company that supports this type of behaviour has just shown us that its not just kids that can play bully games, adults can too!

sounds familar
by: Anonymous

Another topic was raised on Today/ Tonite, this time it was about Scientology following a man. Lucky he was able to prove it and bring it out in the open, because unless mistaken I think some businesses also do this to people that cross them. Too bad if you're a nobody and like the attention!!! :-D

advice on do not rehire
by: Anonymous

I am on the internet tonight and reading responses left regarding your story. I hate to say this but a message of this kind on your file means you are no longer employable. Very rarely people with this message find another job and if you fight it you will lose. Companies that do this do so with a lot of information behind them to back up their decision. To find another job you might need to leave the country.

response on DO NOT REHIRE
by: Anonymous

I use to work for a bank and they do put this message on your file, I was one of their victims. Saldy I didnt have the money or courage or support to fight them on it. I was out of work also for years and I suffered severely for it. I too lost everything even a paid off house. The bank I had the displeasure of serving even went further. They made sure I never got a job in another bank, insurance or finance company. I cant even believe I am still here today to tell my story of what they bastards did to me. To them it was a big game. I was even injured on their premises and they still held a blind eye. It was four seven years later when I was told by accident this message was on my file. Mind you i took it to court and they said they couldnt take it off for culture purposes! I now even have a bad credit rating and wear long skirts to cover up a serious health issue casued by long term unemployment and severe stress. This bank had me monitored also, I couldnt believe this was actually a company doing this and getting away with it. This bank, harassed people, played mind games on them, made them unwell, emotionally abused them and then stuffed up their lives by stopping them from working anywhere else. It was incredible and they didnt care if you were a man or woman. They just attacked like dogs and in all honesty, I have stopped brining this matter into the open. I agree these types of messages need to be investigated along with everything else that banks are doing to people these days to ruin their lives. I never had a bad credit rating before, I got one and sick mind you, when I joined the bank.

response to the do not rehire message
by: BL Ticks

You can get a job but just not in the same company you were working in. Do your homework and find someone you can discuss your problem. Responses you have been getting are negative which wont help you. you can get a job if you want one and are able to do it. This is a long shot but have you ever tried going back to the company that put the message on your file and have them explain to you, why?

save yourself....
by: Judith Ungerer

If a message like that went on my working file I would stop working altogeather! This tells me that I am not worth hiring anywhere and i would try and leave the country.

Do Not Rehire Retaliation Question
by: Anonymous

As stated in the earlier responses there are ways you can get back at an employer. I worked at a very well known company and I resigned professionally giving two weeks notice. My manager was upset and actually told me that they could ruin it so that I could not be rehired. So I was very careful when I had that infamous exit interview. The manager still blacklisted me and I am wondering if I should make it known that they use resources from India to work on very sensitive client data. Even when the client has specifically stated they do not want any offshore resources viewing their data. With the increased identity theft I would think that this would cause a big problem for this company. Maybe I will just post a question for the news media to research entitled Who Is Handling My Medical Information? It is not illegal to ask the question or is it?

do not rehire
by: Chris Gladestone

A do not rehire message whether or not other employers know of it, it is still there and blackening your reputation. Who ever does put this message on someones file, it is done to stop them from finding another job, and usually in the field that they were in or similar. You can do a few things. None are too good, but they may give you an income. One, networking. Find someone who has a job and can put in a good word for you. Make sure the employer or employee working for the employer does not have ties with the company that put the message on your file. If it was a large organisation you will have more problems because many companies, especially large ones have business deals with one another. Secondly,leave the country or go into a whole new field starting from scratch. I have heard of employers puting these messages on peoples files for some time now. I find its just a revenge act especially if the worker already proved themselves by remaining in a company for a long time. No one should have such a message on their file but it goes to show us all, how ruthless some companies can be and you have been caught in its web and probably a web of lies.

re- comment on do not rehire
by: Fred DiFio

It is going to be hard to prove that this message is affecting your employment options. I know, because a worker I once knew also had this message on his file put there by a Manager that held a personal vendetta against him. The worsted part about it was that no matter how many other written supportive documents he had and that he was a good worker it still made no difference. Years went by and he didnt get another job. YEARS, not weeks or months, but YEARS!!!! Everyone is different, but if this is on your file watch out. The other thing you need to be aware of is that the company that supports this will lie until they are black and blue in the face, stating that it DOES NOT interfere with their employment efforts. Yet the facts are it is put there to stop a good worker from moving forward and earning a decent wage. These messages were never around once but they are now and they can ruin lives as previously mentioned. If they are not stopped they will do just that. Someone needs to step in and put a stop to this type of harassment because thats what it is. The worst part about it, in complaining you will be made to look like the problem and troubled person, not them. Also there is no real law that stamps it out, YET!

reprimanding an individual
by: Anonymous

A do not rehire policy is in a way like reprimanding someone. It will follow and haunt you for the rest of your days. From my own experience a company is either working for you or against you. If you are well percieved there is no reason for someone to attach a message like this to your name. There are ways to communicate concerns, errors, ect. If it is working against you, for what ever reasons then yes a message like this is put there to deliberately cause you suffering. In my company it would never be done all workers are treated equal and if there are any concerns both sides of a story are heard. Sadly not all companies work in the same way.

Do Not Rehire
by: Legal Assistant

It is apparent that comments (obviously posted by employers, cowardly under "annonymous") either lack the reality of the intentions of those power hungry or have been paid to mitigate damages. Either way, ignorance of the "powers that be" is a big part of the problem here.

re - do not rehire message
by: Donald Peterson NSW

As an employer of a small firm I want to add my own comments here. The message; "do not rehire", has been around for a long time and there are a number of reasons why its put there. Here is some of them.

Not suited to the job


Behavioural problems

Financial risk factor

Health and safety issue

Mental and emotional issues affecting the work

Do not rehire!
by: Blacklist-Ed

After reading these posts, I'd like to add my story. I am a former NYC employee (EVR investigator for 3 years, Recruit officer for 3 months.) I hurt my back for the second time, was fired on probation, and blacklisted out of all other government work. I too was out of work for years, and had to take repeated rejection. The solution that I found was to leave the state. Once I'd gotten employment again, some of the anger, greif, and resentment left. It's not like I'm still not upset (and my hair prematurely grey at age 43) but I'd like for everyone reading these postings to know that IN SOME WAYS IT CAN GET BETTER! With any luck, eventually the United States will create laws to eliminate blacklisting, as well as unionize!

do not rehire
by: Anonymous

I know something about the do not rehire messages, and I know for a fact this message is deliberately put there to injure good workers! I think it wont be long before someone stands up to this type of crap and sh** will hit the fan. When that finally happens, it will mark the end to this type of crookered behaviour and targerted victims will be allowed to find a job anywhere.

reasons behind actions
by: Janine Hickley

Sometimes the do not rehire message is on there because of other problems the would be worker needs to be aware of. We have to remember that when you join a company its like walking into a family, you are making a commitment, you have a bond of some sort going on. If for some reason that bond is broken, then these messages are put there to protect the company from further problems that can occur. Messages like this are also there for educational reasons, and if we dont understand it and learn, we can find ourselves going in circles and asking why all the time, instead of doing something about it. These message are there to protect the would be employee from making the same mistake and the company from taking on such a mistake. Its not personal its business and needs to be addressed before anything can change in the future.

Work Life Over!!!
by: Julianne

When you add a message on someone elses file with the words, DO NOT REHIRE, it is personal and not business!! You are actually saying that you do not feel the worker is good enough to be employed. I will even go as far as saying it is defamation at its worst because its done privately sneekly and without the victim having any rights to get it removed!! I dont have knowledge of the law and many may disagree with me on what I have written, but its obvious that these types of messages are another sign of corruption at its best, in our world today...

Do Not Rehire
by: Anonymous

I will never be rehired either by my ex-government department. I was told I had to commit perjury so that this department could do an unlawful activity - remove a child who was not at risk from a loving environment. Pressure was put on me to do this. Finally, I was told if I did not sign the false court document it would be alleged that I stole from the department. I never thought anyone would do this. Unfortunately the allegtion was made. I was prosecuted. Being a Defendant in Court is humiliating. The charge was dismissed and then I sued the department. It was a protracted battle, but I stood my ground. I won. My name was blackballed. I was no longer able to work in the profession I wanted to work in. I retrained in another job; going back to University. I now work as a Legal Practitioner. The best revenge you can have is to be successful,
The workplace bullies sometimes see me on television, if the case has media interest. They certainly know what I now do for a job. I even heard they reported me to the Professional Board saying that I had been prosecuted and was not a fit and proper person. I disclosed the prosecution to the Admissions Board. Even the arresting Police Officer supported me.
I know it's hard. I suffered depression, suicidal ideation and became so introverted, I was agoraphobic for a while. Get some professional help and take back control of your life.
I repeat, success is the best revenge.
I now have my own Practice and employ people. There is no bullying in my worksite. It is not allowed. If I ever discover it is happening, the bully will be dealt with severely. It will be instant dismissal. There is no excuse for an employer doing nothing to help the bullied person. By doing nothing effective, you are telling the bullies that they can continue to bully.
I wish everyone all the best.
I still suffer depression; and I don't think I will ever be 100% again, but I'm happy. The glass is half full.
I encourage you to ask for help.
Good Luck

What do we need to do to prove ourselves?
by: Anonymous

I am a college student with a 3.89 GPA. I am also a Felon in the state of Colorado. I served my time in prison, I have completed parole with no problems, and I have been in college for over a year. I am wondering why I am being blacklisted even though I show significant change?
Why do the states and employers see fit to not allow a felon who is actually "Rehabilitated" the chance to move forward with their lives? I wish that people would not judge me any more for mistakes that I have made, and since have overcome. I am sick of being judged for something I have already paid for. If we pay for our crimes then they should be removed from our records. I mean I know how far fetched that sounds, but I am willing to bet it is just as far fetched as the rehabilitation programs that the tax payers are paying for.

Do Not Hire stigma
by: M.C.

A large semi-conductor company here in New Mexico laid off close to 1000 employees a couple years ago when it moved one of its local factories to China. Losing that great job, after being with the company for 18 years, was hard enough, but to find out, quite by accident that I was also marked as a Do Not Rehire just about killed me. Eighteen years of good/great reviews and no complaints from my supervisors. I doubt that I will ever find out why, either. By the way, I was months away from being able to retire. I do have a job now, at half the salary and will never be able to retire. Since this transpired I have talked with others in my position, many also with the D.N.H. stigma...all laid-off from this very large company. So sad, and no way to correct it.

by: Anonymous

I just recently learned the hard way that anyone terminated from my company is not re hirable. I had given over 4 years to the company, then we got a new client ... at the call center. Verizon set very high goals that many of us were unable to reach, essentially setting us up to fail. Only a very few people were able to meet all the goals. There was one goal I couldn't reach, but I had to still be let go because the average call time wasn't what they wanted. It was a real struggle for me to even get the level of improvement I got, but it wasn't good enough for them. I know what it is like to be blackballed. Right now, firing employees for performance by big companies, and hosing them with no rehire policies have been nailed down to a fine art. I was really hoping I could get another chance when another client came in with more reasonable expectations. The only reason I was with ... was I could not get anything better at the time. I also never missed a day when we had the ... account. My work friend had better stats then mine, and they let him go for performance too. The call center wanted 8 minutes call time, and right now they are not even allowing a couple of extra minutes average time just to help a customer out so you don't get a bad survey.

It's a form of blacklisting
by: Anonymous

I am in the U.S., and "do not rehire" is used all the time by employers. It should not be allowed because that information is used by other employers to screen people out and in effect deny these people the right to earn a living. Almost all states have blacklisting statutes, and they aren't necessarily limited to publishing names.

There have been lawsuits filed against employers who use this information as a way to blackball employees, and do remember, employers can put "do not rehire" for all kinds of reasons, real or made up. All prospective employers have to do is call the previous employer for a confirmation of dates and ask if the person is eligible for rehire, and the blackballing begins if the person is not eligible.

People are under the mistaken impression that an employee has to do something truly egregious to get this stigma attached. They don't. If there is concern about illegal behavior, well, you have background checks for that.

message killer
by: Anonymous

I use to work for a bank and this type of message went under my name too. I was never told about it, I found out by accident after four years of being tossed out of numerous jobs. Later I began struggling to even find a job. I never knew, banks could do such a thing. I was just so naïve. It affected me terribly and it stopped me from moving forward. It was so bad, I very ill from all the stress and long term unemployment that followed. How sad, we have no rights in clearing our names and if we do have a glimpse of hope, we become so scared, we do the opposite and give up. When I learned of the message it was like someone had just kicked me in the stomach. I always thought highly of banks, until this happened to me and then I slowly began to see them differently. If I knew then, how many years I would be out of work, I would have told them to just finish me off, because work was always my life. It was terrible, just terrible and the worst part about it, the bank continued business as usual afterwards. I look back and although today I am getting back the person I once was, it still sends shivers up my spine to know, I was the victim of this kind of treatment.

by: Anonymous

I also agree that the black list should be illegal, I worked for Capital One for 19 years, and was very dependable, and productive. I was terminated, because I followed the orders per my supervisor. I don’t understand how Capital One Keeps making the list of Best Companies to work for, when they have upper management firing, and blacklisting people for stupid reason. I was terminated because management didn’t know anything about my personal life, and I did not attend happy hour with them after work, I don’t drink alcohol, so I was told to drink soda, I don’t drink soda, so then I was told to drink water. After that they called me names, such as stuck up, anti-social, and told me that I thought I was better than anybody else. I reported this information to Human Resources, to be told that these things did not happen. I’ve seen so many good people being laced off, or terminated for stupid reasons, when all we were trying to do is make an honest living. I also made an anonymous report to Human Resources referencing too much profanity in the work place, some how the information got back to management that I was the one who made the claim. Human Resources reached out to me asking about the claim, and said there will be no form of retaliation, and honestly I told the truth. This was bullying, and retaliation on all levels. Being terminated is one thing, but I should not have been blacklisted for following supervisors orders, not socializing after hours, or for not wanting to hear too much profanity in the workplace.

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