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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Document The Bullying

by Anonymous
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Document the Bullying in a diary that no one knows about:

1. What time did it happen?

2. Where did it happen?

3. Identify the Bully?

4. What did the Bully say or do?

5. Who was present?

6. How did the bullying make you feel?

7. Tell your Doctor - this will constitute proof that something happened. Just case you end up in court. It will be contemporaneous evidence.

8. Call Human Resources and document that date and time of the phone call and with whom you spoke.

9. Make a note in your Diary everytime you ask HR for help.

10. Get a copy of your Personnel File. It will disappear if you have to go to Court or have a meeting about it. This will also be the only proof that you were a good employee with positives from your Supervisors etc. You will be surprised how quickly it will be said that your work was sub-standard.

11. Start retraining. If the bullying doesn't stop and only gets worse; your employer and or Managers will not help. You will have to plan for an alternative career. It'snot right that you will have to leave; but you may just have to. Your health is more important than a job.

12. Finally, if you have to get a Lawyer who has experience in this area of law. With all your documentation, your case will be relatively easy to run.

13. Do not tell anyone about your Diary notes and the evidence your are gathering.

14. Stay silent - you will have the upper hand in court when the other employees say you were difficult to get on with and a bad worker. You will have proof to the contrary.

Sadly, I had to do all of the above. I was a Social Worker. It was what I wanted to do. When I sued my Department, they said I was difficult to work with and always causing trouble. My work reports said the opposite and in fact they made me permanent from a casual. They looked stupid when they had to read their own reports to the Court. My Manager explained to the Court that where he had written I was good; in the public service it was code for bad. He looked stupid. All of my previous co-workers did the same thing; Funnily enough they were not believed. My Department paid me a lot of money for the workplace bullying and harassment. Coincidentally, I found out years later; that the day I received my payout; the Bully got fired. It's called Karma. I retrained as a Lawyer and am doing well. I still have depression; but am well most of the time.

The Bully's marriage broke down, he lost his job etc. Success is the best revenge.
My advice to myself; if being bullied today is to look for another job and leave. I have my own legal practice now and do not have to put up with others jealousy and or bullying.

Succeed - You can overcome bullying; but it takes time and patience. Don't give up.

I do not want to give my name for obvious reasons. But I wish you all the best.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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