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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Enough Is Enough

by Laura
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I have been an exceptional worker. I help out and go the extra mile doing what I love. There has been many times when I would even promote the company that I work for on personal time, without pay. I am optimistic, caring, an achiever based on my own merits. I rise above gossip and take pleasure in assisting people in achieving their financial goals. I have been a high performer at my job. I help out my colleagues and try to see the best in everyone. Well, these are the traits that have designated me as a target at the credit union that I work for.

It's sad to say that if it wasn't for my past successes, the malicious gossip that goes around describes me as a do nothing, non-contributor, that sucks in all the precious air and takes up space. My love affair with my job ended when a contract worker from the call centre came in to take up a position for a fulltimer on mat leave. She was arrogant from the beginning. Since I had just started my position, she felt that I didn't deserve to be there.

She would go to the branch manager and tell her false things about my performance. I saw that it was having an affect on the branch manager. As a strategy, I made sure that with each success I included the branch manager as a contributor to them. This seemed to alleviate the problem as the branch manager took a liking to me and validated my accomplishments. However, the branch manager would also reward the colleague with recognition by giving her rewards for 4 appointments. Or giving her a day off for a credit referral. Even giving her 3 days off for bereavement, the cat was run over by a car. This disgusted me, but I continued my work.

This colleague started to bad mouth me behind my back to other colleagues. Those who were in the same field as I hated the fact that I was a rising star in such a short period of time and sided with her. Other colleagues stood silently by as they feared they would be targets or were simply indifferent to the going-ons around them. The clique threw whatever crap that they could find in my direction. This included talking about my clothes and weight to stealing referrals. I approached my branch manager about this, but she did nothing.

Well the girl did something to peeve my branch manager and eventually resigned. Occasionally she would come back to ignite further hate towards me by visiting her cohorts. Despite their tauntings and sabotage, I still flourished.

It was to the point that I surpassed in sales by 3 million dollars. The credit union were looking for people who had their mutual funds license, I was one that had mine. I went into training before those who had longer service and did not have theirs. More malicious gossip ensued. I was nominated for an award to represent the credit union, this is where it started to get really bad. The branch manager turned on me, stating that I was no help to her. I asked where this was coming from, of which there was no reply.

Next I would be badgered in my monthly coaching meetings. When I asked questions I on they would like me to do my job, I was told I am there to answer their questions, not to ask them. I was falsely blamed for problems I was not apart of. Getting an override on a cheque or any other transaction became an issue. On my performance review they blamed me for not asking for more one on ones to supervise my performance despite the fact that my manager was not there for 3 months.

Next the branch manager is calling for me loudly around the branch, despite knowing that I would be away from my desk to complete a mutual funds deal or on a teleconference clearly noted on my schedule. In our team huddles I watched as other colleague get away with murder, like not pulling credit bureaus (a fundamental part of knowing your client/member) or making mistakes that warrant disciplinary action - but when I ask to get an exception for an item that requires a manager's signature I am told that I need to do a tutorial on how to open accounts. When I do the tutorial, I am interrupted repeatedly.

Quickly, I realised that the branch manager and others were purposely humiliating me. Since then it has gotten much worse. To the point that I have used up my vacation, personal time off, and sick days to get away from the abuse. Just yesterday, I bore witness to how the branch manager would give everyone examples and resources, but deliberately refused me of those same resources. The branch manager also received a complaint from a client, not directly about me but as a result of another representative leaving the credit union and refused to tell me what it was about. I had told her that I had to meet compliance by knowing what it is so I can tell the compliance manager for mutual funds. I was still refused. What she is doing is affecting my performance on the job.

The branch manager and my immediate manager have deliberately stopped me from assisting other members/clients stating I can now only deal with those whose combined assets is $25K and under, yet allow colleagues in the same bracket to deal with those over $25k. The branch is declining in traffic, there is not as many sales to be had and the branch manager doesn't get off her ass to do a local area campaign. There never seems to be a budget for these things.

When a colleague does not make a sale, nothing is said. However, if I do not make a sale I am told that I should learn the art of communication and not to "grill" the clients. When I ask, what is meant nothing else is said. Also, there is now a problem that I am using the phone 'too" much. When I asked what is "too much"? There is no response. I have even had my immediate manager stand over my shoulder literally as I am servicing a member over the phone. I have had health problems as a result. These people are disgusting and I hope they get what they deserve!

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Be careful!
by: Anonymous

Your story sounds exactly like mine, except that it happened at a major bank instead of a credit union. I too was the top performer at the branch, and ended up being treated the same way that you are now. Because of the pressure, I made several mistakes that I had never made before, and then I was fired. Please, please get out now while you still have a chance. You have good skills, and someone else will appreciate them. Good luck to you, and take care of yourself.

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