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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Everyone Hang In There. Now Is Your Chance.

I work for an institution that has tried to show it's employees "They Are Above The Law". And while (In my case at least). It is not the institution itself that thinks they are above the law. But the so-called managers, supervisors and union representatives where I work that think they are.In the 18+ years I have worked there I was told that I had to:

1. Punch time cards in and out for senior drivers and employees who were not present.

2. Intentionally work slow and stay longer at stops to accumulate overtime.

3. Drive unsafe equipment on public roads.

4. Take drug and alcohol tests more often then other drivers that work there (Because I DO NOT get high on drugs, drink or get drunk on alcohol) and if they were selected to be tested they would fail.

5. Be subjected to very nasty racial slurs i / e N----R, S---K, C---K and so forth.

When I Follow the rules and when questioned by authorities told the truth and not lie about what I seen or herd.

These so-called managers, supervisors and union representatives along with the drivers and employees in "The Clique" Gave me EVERY type of harassment, threat and intimidation—mental, emotional and physical. From telling me I was ruining the job and making them look bad to attempting to run me over with a tractor trailer (Big mistake on their part) to one of their GOON, TOADY, WANT TO BE THUG FAKE TOUGH GUYS actually attacking me getting himself hurt in the process. And getting me put on suspension for the past 2 years.

I am a disabled Veteran. The institution I work for gives me 10 Points for this. As well as the 4+ years I served in the U. S. Navy (2 deployments during Desert Shield/Desert Storm VOLUNTARY) Giving me 22+ years of government service.

Where I work these so-called managers, supervisors and union representatives HATE fellow disabled Veterans like me. Because it is very difficult to get us fired or do these things to us without having to answer for it. I have stood up to these people (after doing everything humanly possible to avoid them) and when I did they told people I was crazy, stupid, a rat, a whistle blower. And to stay away from me because I was dangerous to myself and my coworkers. Because I do not believe I will be dealt fairly.

I have been in touch with two investigative reporters WPIX 11 New York Help Me Howard helpme@wpix11.com (212)-210-2490 and News 12 New Jersey Walt Kane. Facebook: Kane In Your Corner (732)-738-5263. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Call these reporters voice mail, tell your stories about the people that are bullying you on their e-mail and Facebook accounts where ever you are where ever you work.

Maybe if these foul things get out in the open someone will do something to stop them. Good Luck and GODS SPEED C.

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