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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Evil Lecturers

by Genia

I was bullied by a lecturer, since the first day. The most traumatising part was telling another lecturer and finding out that that he saw it as totally normal. "But the person is wild and evil", I said to him. He assured me it's normal. People then thought I was in love with this lecturer because I told him about it and not someone else. I thought he was a very logical and approachable man, but I was wrong. Very wrong. News of me being frightened of the wild lecturer spread, and some people scared me to "test" me. I have nothing left to say to anyone about the matter accept what Jesus said whilst he was cricified:

"Forgive them God, for they know not what they do".

I was a brilliant student topping the lists, and I feel betrayed. I had never been bullied so viciously before, my school was too good to have bullies around. But I remain strong, and at least I don't have it on my conscience that I bullied people like that. I will never stoop so low. Maybe that's why people hate me so much. Good Luck.

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Evil Lecturer
by: Anonymous

I have a course coordinator who is bullying me in my nursing course. She has made it her duty to personally assess me and comes to my nursing prac nearly everyday. This is unusual as we are usually assessed by our clinical supervisor. I complained about her by email to another lecturer. I was assessed by other lecturers and was going ok but then the course coordinator came back in and started picking on my work and failed me.

by: John Elliott

I can empathise with your story, as I was a victim of bullying from an educated (female) lecturer. I have come to the conclusion that they are a very funny breed, who often seem unable to tolerate other people's ideas. They exist out of the normal workplace. Cribbing of ideas is another practice that goes on. They are adept at using arguments through practice, and are 'politically correct', compared to the layperson. The person I encountered was very abrasive, with a powerful personality. The work environment is fluid in a University, with few quality checks being made.
They can often impress on a younger person who has left home, and try to psychologically dominate them. They have access to personal records, which can facilitate that form of mild abuse.
They 'close rank' when a complaint is made, occupying a sacred position. You are certainly not alone.

lecturers bully
by: Anonymous

I think I am being bullied by about 3 lecturers, its horrible, it started with 1 and then I stuffed up at uni due to the effect of bullying on mental health and ended up with more lecturers that just seem to have a hatred of me. There honestly is nothing that you can do in these situations, because as soon as you tell a staff member at the university, they then hate you as well. I was a very good student but unfortunately the bullying is affecting my academic performance. I am so disappointed at these lecturers, they are suppose to want to see their students succeed with their career goals, especially the ones that work really hard.

A university in Fitzroy VIC
by: Anonymous

I was bullied severely at uni also (by staff). It starts when you lodge a complaint for unfair treatment. From there one lecturer or head of school will talk to others. Before long the entire faculty is doing what they can to academically and emotionally cripple you.
Options are to keep trying even though it is highly likely you will be made to fail no matter what effort you put in or.. sadly quit.

Bully lecturor failing me three times
by: Anonymous

I have a lecturer making my life hell. She has failed me for this unit 3 times now or is about to fail me for the third time.
I am a carer of a child who has a severe disability and is half blind and has just had major surgery. I'm not finding the games this lecturer is playing amusing.
I don't think the student guild are taking it seriously, I'm just so sad that somebody could be empty and heartless.

Passive Drip-Drip bullying lecturer
by: Anonymous

Snide comments from day one. My contributions flatly rejected as soon as they are made. Constant put downs. She's instilled her disdain on some of my more gullible fellow students.

I tried to connect with her on several occasions, each time my effort was ignored. Eventually I made it clear I was unhappy.

Next I am hauled up in front of the faculty head, and his henchman, dressed down and made to feel like it's all my fault.

These sad little people don't live in the real world. They would not last 5 minutes. They'll close ranks as soon as someone stands up to them.

Best advice, keep your head down. You can't win. I feel sorry for bullies, they’re sad people.

Hard to believe but this happens
by: Anonymous

I couldn’t understand or believe what was happening to me. I seemed to have upset a lecturer, don’t even know how or when, and on return to third year, my life at uni was hellish. I went from high passes to now having to go part time to finish. My mental health hit rock bottom. The sly abuse and disdain from supposedly highly intelligent people, I cannot understand it. It’s ‘known’ widely amongst students, but I heard about staff student bullying too late on. I am not an attention seeker, put my head down and be pleasant type. Also, I cannot forgive others students who gleefully joined in or looked the other way. Disgusted, a lot poorer, and trying to recover, but I will recover.

by: Anonymous

I know exactly how everyone here must be feeling. I am currently being bullied by a lecturer who failed me on purpose last semester. I even confronted her because she tried to embarrass me in class this semester for failing last semester. I know that this will affect my academic performance. It already has and it is the feeling of being trapped because there is no one doing anything about it, but honestly I am willing to fight to be heard. It feels hopeless but remember this too shall pass and it is not the end. Stand up for what you believe even if you stand alone.

Bullying for 4 years
by: Anonymous

Coming to the end of my course now but I’ve had 4 years of horrible bullying. I’ve been shouted at in their office alone because I spoke up about something I wasn’t happy about so I won’t bother again. I took a bit extra on during my placement and tried something new and got a first from it. Recently discussing it, they degraded my efforts and said I’m too supported by others? It really makes no sense. I give up, if I didn’t have a month left I would leave now. I expressed my mental health issues to them and they rolled their eyes. I will be complaining at the end. But not before because the uni have even told me to keep it to myself because she may tamper with grades if I speak up now! How corrupt is that!

Evil lecturer
by: Anonymous

I was targeted by a lecturer. He bullied me. He belittled me. He made fun of me. It was so obvious he was picking on me. Other students noticed as well. So, it wasn't in my head. He tried to fail me in my exams as well. I couldn't pursue the career I wanted as I ended up taking anti-depressants and sleeping pills. He ruined my life.

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