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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Executive Secretary

by Fed-Up
(West-Central IL)

The accountant at our small company that I have worked at for about 3 years was friendly to me at first, but now finds it necessary to make references to my "stupidity" or "dumb" actions. Often times in front of other co-workers. She doesn't do this to anyone else that I know of; however, she often times makes comments about other select co-workers abilities. She has power issues; she is very good at her job, but obviously has issues in relating to others.

Fortunately, I have a strong personality and am confident in my abilities. I really have had enough though, and am going to tactfully tell her to back off or I will file an official complaint. Don't know if it will do any good, but it should send a message to her that she is not going to continue the abuse and get satisfaction any longer!

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Been There...

I would never tell anyone what they need or should do, but I will tell you, that by reacting to bullies, you are only playing their game, with their rules, and you can't win playing bullies games.

They are political animals, and they know instinctively which ... to kiss, usually their supervisors.

You are only feeding these animals when you attempt to use logical reasoning.
It took me four painful years to realize the absolute insidiousness of these people whose sole goal in life it to bully others.

I know too well how you feel, and that the temporary feeling of telling off a bully would feel well worth the trouble, unfortunately the feeling is very short lived.

I tried once and it backfired, because like all bully situations, it serves to prove that you are the person who has the problem, they are very adept at these games, as you and I are not, thats why we find ourselves in these insane situations in the first place, the bully recognizes our integrity and that just fuels them.

I am not in anyway giving advice, it is just my experience and I too am comfortable in my abilities and my perserverance, that is why I resigned, It seemed pointless to continue living a life filled with abuse, innuendo and lying.

I can tell you this though, it has only been very recent that I resigned, and despite the long term effects of the bullying, I am already feeling so much better, I can't remember the last time I felt so loose and free, it feels great.

The next time this happens, if it ever does, I hope I am the wiser for it, and learn from my experiences to spot it before it develops.

Be true to yourself!

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