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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Face It

Face it folks. If you are a worker for another; that boss or company holds all the cards. Even if you are the most talented genius and bring them in millions; it is you who work for them.

If ever you find a 'boss,' 'manager,' 'supervisor' who is reasonable but firm yet objectively fair to one and all, realize God has given you a great grace for your steadfast spirit of kindness in the face of bosses, managers, and supervisors who were not as objectively fair.

When a worker one has two options: 'take it' or 'leave' there's too little work and too many just like you will to 'take it.' (in the old days, when businesses were booming - workers were 'king and queen' of the hill) Many used the employer, learned from them and then went to the next employer with the skills and knowledge for more dollars. (face it, employers have feelings also, many were nice as best they could and 'the dollar' dominated the worker mind) So; if that's the mindset; employers went with the dollar mindset. (loyalty does not exist)

Just realize business is business. For employer and employee. No feelings for the face. Too little work, too many willing to work for less, too many who can do what you do. (point and click on a computer)

Value every experience for what you can learn from it, and then take the experience and leave, making it your decision. (don't cling to anything) Just keep moving.

If you need to work 25 jobs in 30 years; but keep moving up each time...so do it. (I realize it's hard when a family has to be cared for) But; that's the gist. Everyone has a family and they all want the same earthly treasure. Think what is above and not below. Where your heart is that is what you will treasure.

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You're Right
by: Sharon

I agree with you. You are right and you are realistic. There are not enough jobs and too many people looking for work. I have a college degree, a solid work record, but am extremely expendable.
I was self-employed for many years. I made just enough to support myself and that was OK because I enjoyed my work. However, automation replaced me and I'm struggling to find something else.
There are so many people willing to work dreadful jobs for peanuts. So many have to work several part-time jobs or gigs to make ends meet. Half of Americans are in low wage jobs. Job instability crushed the middle class. And now after the pandemic...
Well, anyway, I'm taking classes and will pursue freelance writing. Hope springs eternal.

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