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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Failed College Student

There is a guy who makes it his personal goal to make everyone's life at work miserable because he did not graduate college. He would rather spend time criticizing people than coming up with an answer to the problem. This has been a constant complaint around the work place. A few of us are lucky to be college graduates. Somehow this fellow got "grandfathered" in. Which means he was around when they needed people and showed some improvement. But there are many times, people think he does this to make sure nobody improves further beyond him. There are people who have improved in experience but when you're the guy the boss asks, what is stopping him from lying?

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Filed College Student
by: Anonymous

The world is filled with jerks. Years ago my sensible therapist (we don't have many like him an more), said, "Only 5% of the people are worth knowing. The rest will pull you down and destroy you. Look for the 5% and keep your emotional life healthy."

Fifteen percent of people are psychopaths, most born that way with a brain defect. Most of the remaining are drugged up zombies who cannot function in an emotionally healthy manner.

Once I understood the reality of the world, I have learned to isolate myself from the toxic people who attempt to destroy me. I also write a lot about their behaviors for archival preservation so that someday some scholar will benefit from researching our very dysfunctional world of today. Now and then when the timing is right, I tell one of the bullies how I am documenting their life and behaviors for study by future generations. This revelation usually tempers their behaviors a lot, and then THEY avoid me!

Fortunately, an astute curator found me and asked for my Special Collections. Perhaps you can do the same. Paper trail never changes--technology does. Use paper and permanent inks.

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