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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Fast Food Restaurant's Abusive Managers

Hi I'm Trent. I work at (a well known fast food restaurant). I've been there three years I've been bullied at work for as long as I can remember. Which was a couple months of work I accidentally got a smudge of mayo on the restaurant manager's shirt so he smashed the mayo gun through to the other side and hit another which made my lip bleed he told them it was an accident and he got away with it. After that I started to get treated like shit by all the other managers.

I was doing graveyard shifts for a while, then they started giving me breakfast shifts as well which stuffed up my sleeping pattern, which in turn made me depressed from the pressure and the yelling. I've broken down at work multiple times. A lot of the time I'm laughed at and I'm a staunch guy so it hurts my pride.

This mourning I came into work feeling ill and I had my normal uniform and then they tell me I doing maintenance right so they send me home to get my uniform. I came back, noticed I forgot to clock in and asked them to fix it. The manager said he's not paying you for going home yet at the start of the week I asked what shifts I was doing maintenance because all my shifts are 5am to 1pm which is also breakfast opener so I don't know which one I'm doing on the day. They pretty much ignored me then said just bring your uniform everyday.

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Abusive Manager
by: Linda Guirey

Clearly the behavior you are mentioning is outright bullying and intimidation. Do you have any witnesses to this abuse - because that is really important. Is this happening to your or others as well. In order for you to legally challenge this abuse, you would need evidence in the form of witness statements otherwise it becomes really hard to prove and once you raise the issue, the behaviour can get more severe.

The alternative is that you can not allow them that control over you any more and find yourself another job that treats their staff well. They are controlling you and they enjoy it. Sometimes, when it becomes too hard to fight, it is better to get out. That doesn't mean you are weak, it means you are making the right decision for you.

Linda Guirey

Fast Food Restaurant's Abusive Managers
by: Blacklist-Ed

Dude, I know exactly what your going through. I've had supervisors who used scheduling as a weapon, skewing your internal clock with no notice. Please read "Blacklisted in Community Corrections" for more information.

In the old days, one would write letters detailing the abuse then mail them to a PO box (this way the postmark would prove the approximate date of occurrance.) Nowadays, set up a remote email address, keep records, and email them to the address. It is important to document everything, including witnesses present.

In general, I have found that working the graveyard shift to be the best way to avoid workplace bullies, as well as a much easier commute due to little traffic. Beware, however, that your change in schedules will cause the abusive manager to target someone else.

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