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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Fastfood Forgive Me Nots

(Payson, Arizona)

I started working at a fast food restaurant about 4 years ago and was timid and shy and people would make fun of me. It started with just people calling me derogatory names like fag, and gay (despite me not being gay) until it got very irritating. I finally realized these people have severe problems or they are jealous for whatever reason may be. I had a male co-worker wipe snot on my shoulder while I was preparing a drink. He made it seem like he was just patting me on the shoulder, but I seen otherwise in the glass on the machine.

I've been physically struck 3 times by 3 separate women, yet my store manager did nothing and now two of those people work there. One is a cashier and the other is a manager.

They always talk about me to one another and even to customers calling me "bitch," "fag," "creep" and by far the worse calling me a pedophile to customers and one another. They all partake in calling me these names, although occasionally they will tell each other to stop when they feel bad, but coerce to treating me like dirt again.

I want to file a lawsuit but I really don't have much evidence unless I can get a customer to admit fellow workers have called me a pedophile. I don't know what these people's problems are but they treat me ill and so do the customers whom they spread these lies, slander and rumors to, as well.

I work hard, don't steal food like fellow employees, don't use my cell phone while working, don't gossip with co-workers doing nothing constructive while on the clock and try to be respective of people, but my respect has gone thin as of lately.

I am finally quitting this piece of shit job, but I feel like they have won. I'll probably try to contact corporate and make a formal complaint, although I should try 100% to sue them.

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to fast food worker
by: Anonymous

1. yes QUIT! (that's obvious) do it with grace. Writ a formal resignation letter (keep a copy) walk in, hand it to the manager or asst. manager and walk out. Say nothing more than "thanks for the opportunity, by it, I found a better opportunity." (whether you did or didn't - getting out is a better opportunity)

2. You don't mention your age, if you are under 20; still have parents or guardian...become educated in 'something' of interest to you. (vocation or community college at least)

3. It's not easy to gain employment these days, but if young...and male (you didn't mention your gender) you could simply start a lawn mowing service (when you build those muscles up...go back and have a fast food snack..no no I jest, stay away from them.) If not lawn mowing; maybe learn to groom dogs; grooming dogs is in big demand these days...if you can learn it, you'll always have employ. There's dog washes on every corner practically where I live. (fill a need that not too many can do, fast food everyone can do; fill such need and employ is guaranteed for life (even if not with any school degree or tech diploma) Do what makes you happy if at all possible. (forget 'them')

4. DON'T SUE. (Why go thru the hassle of court, facing your persecutors again...are they worth it and will $$ really change anything) Just move on with quiet and dignified grace. GET OUT of there before the place gets you angry, you get mad and YOU get a bad report. The manager won't
support you while there, but if they have no bad report of you...you could possibly say you worked there without any bad references coming from them. GET OUT. DON'T FIGHT...MOVE ON. They are not worth it. No paycheck is worth such misery. No lawyer would take the case anyway, you have no solid evidence...it just looks like 'teen quibbling' (sorry, but that's what they will think) JUST be the adult and QUIT with grace. (it's the best self defense)

5. You are probably able to be of higher status than fast food, if anything; try for waiter in a diner. Where it takes a higher skill level and you make tips.

Don't fight for a fast food job. Raise your sights higher. You will get better.

p.s. - don't discuss too much when handing in the resignation letter; hand it over the counter turn and leave. If possible, have a witness there with you when you do. (who cares what they think of that, if they are so 'bad' ...a witness is a good idea; so the manager doesn't say or do something bad) HAND IT IN...WITH WITNESS PRESENT AND LEAVE QUIETLY.

if you stay; they might one day make you the fall guy for less money in the till or who knows what else. It's obvious; LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

Origianl poster
by: Anonymous

I am going on 26. I do have evidence, one of the employees(Who was off the clock)seen me going to the back of the store asked one of customers who was a child if he would accept a bribe to say I touched the child.

This just doesn't effect me at work, because all these people told their friends and relatives. So where ever I go I get dirty glances from random strangers and people shouting at me when I drive by calling me vulgar names.

I also have a feel the police got involved without my discretion to track me and find out if these pedophile claims were true.(Yes it may sound a bit paranoid, but I overheard co-workers talking about hate crime charges for mistreating me).

I am sure If I press legal charges someone will crack and own up to the slander. I just don't know how to contact a lawyer and go to the legal process and legalese. It may sound vindictive, but I want retribution and those who wronged me punished. Most of the people that work here are 18+. There are maybe a handful people under 18.

This kind of thing has happened since I worked there and its very irritating. I don't want to just bow my head out in grace because thats virtually what I did for the 4 years I worked that letting them get away with these things.

I've talked to the store manager on multiple occasions about the things that happen, but she hangs out with all the people there outside of work and I've heard to call me names and give me dirty glances.

I'm tired of being passive/passive aggressive about the situation and want to actually commit to doing something about it. I already inclined about suing once and they brought the district manager(who is above the store manager) and everyone was acting all nice to me that day while the store manager was all apologies and requesting that I think about it before I sue.

I try to keep to myself the whole day staying busy even while fellow co-workers talk, play on their cellphones and steal food from the restaurant. I don't talk to anyone except for work related topics and even then I still get glares from people especially when I am working and happy.

I am moving to a different state, so I won't have any backlash unless I decided to apply to a Mcdonalds out there, which at this point is highly unlikely.

to original post
by: Anonymous

Do yourself a favor (show your smart, hand in a nice resignation letter, and walk away)I know how you feel; you feel that you must bring 'justice' ... as I was told and took me awhile; leave the justice 'to God' (who judges)

Leave the justice 'to Go(o)d' ...

That means; what 'they' are isn't your concern. If they are disparaging your reputation, LEAVE.
Don't sue, don't get angry, just leave. You are 26 and they are just out of high school. You have outgrown them. Leave. (they aren't respecting you because you are 26 and they 18 and you are doing the same work) LEAVE.

You aren't going anywhere here and 4 years is a long time to be in one place. You are miserable it seems so; the one responsible for your success is not your employer but YOU. Leave and 'show 'em' ... although they will never actually see -- show them what you can do. (go to another state if it's in your plans and you can) Get some schooling in (vocational perhaps? cooking? learning to be a chef if you like food or learn truck driving; tractor trailer drivers make a good living. OR if you can't go to school and you like working alone, drive a taxi or one step up from taxi is LIMO driver. (26 years old is time to MOVE)

If you can't improve by attending any type of schooling, get to a job where there's benefits and security (perhaps in supermarket; learn to decorate cakes, work in butcher meat dept, deli, etc) or just a small butcher shop. Somewhere you can hang your hat securely for awhile til 'you are called to move on again' OR while working in peace .. take your wages and learn in a school setting. (get an associates degree in the evenings) You'll have it to fall back on, and you'll have your JUSTICE; God's way...over a bunch of 18 year old burger friers (not that there is anything wrong with working in such places..but not everyone appreciates the grace of such a job)

Don't fight 'em...you will never win. They are of 'the world' / go 'higher in though'

Don't retaliate with suits (you'll find it harder to find work) don't argue with dummies who are 18, don't fan the flames of their hate. Do the opposite. Leave with a smile on your face.
YOU overcame THEM.

What do you care what they think? Think of yourself and start working for your own future.
I know 'the human mind' wants vengence... LEAVE it to GOD. Leave it to GO(O)D ... God is GOOD so...do what is good and you will RISE... in wisdom and stature with GOD and mankind. (the good mankind; not the jerks)

Be mature.

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