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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Favorited Rude Employee Bullies Others

I got hired at a small coffee shop/ice cream shop/gas station almost two years ago. It is a very new place, and wasn't even open yet when I got hired. At the same time, a 50 something year old woman was also hired.

Fast forward to now, two years later. Over the past two years there have been several incidents where this woman has been extremely rude. We have a notebook where we write things to help each other out each day. She uses it to disrespect us, and cut us apart. She talks about each person behind their back, and lies to the two bosses about everything. In May 2010, I wanted to quit so bad because I felt sick about going to work and reading what she had to say about all of us. But I need the job, and the money for college.

She has driven away two other employees, and another has tried to quit several times but is always convinced to stay. In summer 2010, she physically grabbed a new 18 year old employee by the arm and dragged her out to the front counter to show her an ice cream spot she had forgot to clean, and was yelling at her. She told her she would tell the boss that she should be fired, and that she tried to get me fired last May because I was "lazy, and sat around all winter." The new employee quit on the spot, and called me five minutes later balling her eyes out.

I moved away for 8 months for college, and told myself I wouldn't go back. But I needed to a job, and I needed to make money and it was a for sure hire. My coworkers, who are the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet told me things were getting better. But I still saw signs of "bullying".

Two days ago, I came into work and she called two of my coworkers a very rude name, and I simply told her that there was no reason she needed to be name calling. She then proceeded to yell at me about the work that the other co workers and I do. She was very, very rude to me. I was noticeably upset in front of customers, and my voice was cracking and I went in the back and I cried. I'm not proud of it, but I'm so sick of dealing with her. I'm now to the point where I feel sick about thinking about going into work. I think it's wrong that my coworkers and I have to be treated this way.

Here's the catch, my boss knows EVERYTHING, and will do nothing. It's obvious this woman is being favored because of her "manager" duties, though she's never gotten the title. This is an independently owned business, and there is no one higher I can go to. I don't even get the worst of the bullying, my other coworker does and I'm finding it hard to sit back and watch all this happen.

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Rude Employee Bully
by: Linda Guirey

I understand how difficult things must be for you at work and for your co-workers. Unfortunately, you have to make the decision whether you want to stay (and I know it is for financial reasons) and have your health affected, not to mention sanity, or whether you can work really hard to find alternative employment.

Clearly this woman knows that it is hard for staff to find other employment and this gives her an increased sense of power. She abuses that power and gets satisfaction from doing so. If you are starting to feel physically sick about going to work, then my advice is leave! Because the longer you stay there, the more psychologically damaged you will become, and sometimes targets of bullying have taken years and years to recover.

Don't give this abusive person control over your health and life. Have you considered getting all staff to go to the boss as a group to say that you are all considering leaving because of her behavior. Group power can often make a difference. Get actual dates and details of incidents, and witnesses - that will also help.

Just don't allow that workplace to make you sick.

Linda Guirey
The MAD Marbles Speaker

Dont feel bad
by: Charmina Mason

I know it may seem hard to endure the rude and disrespectful comments comming from this "wanna be boss". Keep your head up and try not to let her know how much she gets to you. Have your other co-workers rally around each other, and support one another. There is no reason why her personality should outshine yours. In my book Mia and the Dreaded Bullies, Mia goes through the exact same thing your going through. She endures some violence against her, but she learns to stand up for herself. You've endured this behavior long enough. Put on a smile, and don't let her get to you. Good luck.

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