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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Fed Up With Daughter Being Bullied At School

by Paula
(Victoria, Australia)

21st Feb 2013 I ran from my daughters grade 3 primary school class at the school and asked her to stop bullying my daughter and that it’s been going on for 2 years and it has to stop or I’ll go and see the principal. The previous week I had a chat with my daughter's about this girls bullying and he told me he’d look into it and talk to her grade 2 teacher who I also had several complaints to last years but nothing has been done in those 2 years and this has been left to keep bullying my daughter.

Every day she has come home and asked me to talk to this girl about how nasty she is and I have tried to talk to both teachers but it to no avail. She comes home every day complaining about about this girl going up to other kids and whispering in their ear to stay away from her and not play with her so she is left alone with no-one to play with, my daughter is also constantly upset because this girl keeps doing bad things in class and telling the teacher it was my daughter and she had nothing to do with it but still gets in trouble for it.

It has to stop I am fed up if I have to get a contract against this child to keep her from talking to my daughter I will.

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Direct action
by: Paul of Kew

If the school will do nothing, I would complain in writing to the Minister for Education with copies to the Premier and to the Prime Minister who is a stalwart supporter of primary education and child welfare. I would of course inform the teachers and the headmaster and tell them that they have been identified in my letters of complaint.

Long lasting affects of bullying
by: Courtney

It's horrible that any child has to deal with this. It's sad that as time passes, this is an issue that just gets worse instead of getting better. It's now out in the open and being talked about in homes and schools, yet there seems to be nothing happening to deal with the actual problem. When are parents going to wake up and realize either what's happening to their kids or that their kids are terrible bullies to other kids? Here is a great article that has information about the long term affects of bullying: Anxiety, Depression & Suicide: the Lasting Effects of Bullying

what now?
by: Anonymous

i just found out that my smart beautiful 14 year old daughter is being bullied. I knew her and her friends were 'falling out' but didnt realise how alone she had become. When shes not here I cant stop crying I want to kill them all for what they are doing to her. looking for a private school and possible moving to another area to get away from it. I dont know why this has happened, shes lovely, sweet and has always been easily popular. It seems to stem from a young gay boy who is bullied by the other boys in school and has joined their group and wants to be 'queen bitch'. Shes didnt want to join in and soon became isolated They have been taking turns to ping her blackberry all night so she cant sleep (easily solved) texting her the most vile stuff, again I can change her number but how do I make them stop. they wait for her at the school gates and all wave and tell her to hurry up and join them and when she does they all turn their backs on her because 'shes a stupid f*** retard'. They spread out across the lunch hall and put their hands on the seats to stop her sitting down. her school books are covered with obscenities. She came home last week after being pushed on the all weather pitch during pe and her legs were such a mess. I didnt think twice about it at the time until I found out it was deliberate. I cant believe this has happened. How can I have been so blind She is my fifth and youngest child and we have tried to bring them up to be happy and strong and fair minded. Why did they choose her. Im so relieved and proud that she chose not to bully others but I never thought she would be singled out. What do I do now to protect her and to some extent how do I stop feeling like I want to go and shoot the lot of them

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