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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Federal Employee

I have been bullied for 24 years by a male coworker. He has bullied me constantly and has had other employees include contractor doing the same thing to me. I'm not sure if it is jealousy that makes people behave this way or not. I see a doctor almost every week for this and on medicine. I don't know why people like to cause other people pain and get a thrill out of it. He also says he is Christian. My other female bully has said that also. Bullies have no conscience.

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FED .....up
by: Lizzy NJ

24 years of bullying? If you can 'take' bullying (not to be confused with a gentle teasing and light humor) ...If you can take 24 years of hard stuff bullying...

Congratulations...you have a strong Spirit. Keep on keeping on til you depart for retirement land.

Now; I might add that if bullying is really bad (not just a tad annoying; such that you cannot do your job) If it is THAT bad; you would have given notice long ago. No one should have to hate going to work or fear going to work. So...I conclude that with 24 years 'in' ...you can endure this bully. So...I guess you are doing something right and don't need advice; how about giving advice on what you do to retain your employ and deal with 'what is'

Thank you in advance for your info.

by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear that - 24 years is a long time -
what is being done about it? Are you getting any support from your employer? Or thought of a transfer? I know the impulse is to stick it out and not let the bullies win but often they do anyway, when your health is so broken you end up having to leave.

you are the better person
by: Anonymous

Please don't let these people get to you. Believe me I know how you feel. I get bullied by postal workers everyday. They are the worst ever. Remember you are important and come first. Don't let those rotten people destroy you. Try and be strong. They want to destroy your but remember you are good. Take care of yourself.

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