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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Female Government Worker

by s
(Northeast England)

I am currently off sick with anxiety and depression and have been since August. I work for local government and have done for 23 yrs. Four years ago our head of department changed and systematically the new manager got rid of previous team leaders and replaced them with people they previously worked with at another council!

These new team leaders are not trained in our area of work and have no idea how long it can take to do one account. It can take five minutes or up to two hours. We were slagged off in team meetings, told that we could be replaced at the click of a finger and accused of not working fast enough so we would get overtime!! This was all told in front of staff in the same department but who do a different job.

It's got so bad that one of my co-workers, who'd been refused voluntary redundancy and had worked happily for approximately 20 years, left stating she could not stand it anymore! Another girl who came was offered a full-time job as opposed to working a fixed contract in another department. She went back to her fixed term job stating there was no way on earth she could stand working here any longer! Our head of department is not approachable and everyone is scared of her. I used to love my job, now thanks to her management style I loathe it.

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