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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Fighting Back and Taking on Bully... Legally

by LB

It has been five months since I resigned due to the relentless attacks from a bully coworker and supervisor, from the job and work that I enjoyed doing, and was proficient at.

The effects of bullying still affect me. I have been applying for work in my field, but like everyone else, the current employment situation is bleak.

The bullying experience I had was and still is disturbing and traumatic. I just can not get over the fact that these smug perpetrators walk away without a scratch, never looking back, targeting the next sensitive person that crosses their path.

When I think about it, the old feelings return immediately, this is no way to live.

I decided its time to bring the truth to bear, and see what happens and file a claim against the organization. If you have ever seen the movie "network" where the guy sticks his head out the window and yells, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" well, thats exactly how I feel. They have already stolen a part of me, and I am feeling very vulnerable and exposed, and the slightest breeze blows me over.

I had no idea the amount of obstacles and resistance that is created when the bully is put on the defensive through legal action, they bring every weapon in their arsenal out with guns blazing, (this is obviously a metaphor) but nonetheless, it seems that by me calling their bluff, I hit a nerve. Maybe I made a mistake by opening this can of worms, but I thought, might does not make right.

I may be exposing myself to ridicule and character assassination, but at least its on my own terms, not theirs.
I also don't think they would bring everybody and their brother to the hearing if I hadn't exposed some cover-up or internal problem.

Since my funds are limited at this point, I am using the services of an advocacy group's attorney for harassed workers.

The hearing has just started and so far I have been cross examined by the advocacy attorney, making my case. I must say this legal process is very scary to me because I am at the opposite end of the spectrum, when it comes to the way lawyers think.

Does it feel like I made the right decision to open a legal claim? I don't know yet. It feels so unreal and surreal to me, because it comes down to you said they said, and it seems that the courts tend to lean in the direction of the organization.

The one thing that hasn't changed for me is, that I must act when a wrong has been perpetrated.

Bullying is wrong. No matter how you slice it. If you have been bullied then you know exactly what I mean.

Whether the court agrees with me or not, I know what was perpetrated on me. Maybe that's a part of the healing process...

This whole hearing seems so ridiculous and a waste of time. What it really comes down to in the end is, treating each other with respect and dignity.

Unfortunately, the real world isn't like that.

People lie and abuse each other.

Hopefully I can add some positive energy in the world and create meaningful relationships with others.

Comments for Fighting Back and Taking on Bully... Legally

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by: Rosalea

Good for you...those are powerful actions to take and precisely what bullies need. We have let them walk over us for far too long, and they keep on doing their evil deeds when we placate them.

Our nonprofit organization is fighting the bullying that is running and ruining our small towns on the prairies. We have a small grassroots, all volunteer hard copy monthly newspaper, Prairie Connection, where I would really like to post your letter with permission as it is so "right on" with what we are trying to do to stomp out the bullies in small town leadership. These bullies and mobbers have no life of their own except to try and destroy those who try to accomplish things for the good of the community. Their world is tiny and limited, and all they know to do is attack and destroy. The good people in small towns need to know there is legal action that can be taken. They are beat down into oppression and apathy, and are too scared to do anything. We must give them hope.

I would really like to know how this turns out for you as it would be a real victory for those of us who have endured so much with small town leadership bullying.
I don't need to be anonymous: iread@prairieconnect.com
Keep up the good fight--stay strong!

Fighting Back...
by: Cheryl

I don't know how your case came out; either way I see you as a winner because you stood up and fought. Reading your story has helped me decide to stand up and fight the fight. Thank you!

The victims of workplace bullying/mobbing must fight
by: Anonymous

As a victim of workplace bullying/mobbing what hope do we have against management, how do we get our selfworth, self esteme and confidence back, how do we control the feeling of self harm.
We are not guilty of any wrong doing , but are made to feel guilty and must fight to prove our innocence. If you have a broken arm we can see it , if you suffer from workplace bullying/stress
it is not visible to the human eye,or is it, we become sad, withdrawn almost lifeless, we are human beings and nobody has the right to make us feel lesser than human beings.
We must endevere to hang on to our pride and dignity and somehow put a stop to these persons causeing us so much pain.

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