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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

First Job Bullying

by No

I was 18 when I first had my job at a yogurt place. It was a yogurt place, how hard could it be? It wasn't hard at all, I just hated the people there, specially my managers.

In my country, kids usually don't go to work unless they really, really, really, need the money (low income families). I come from a middle class family, I got a job for experience, so when I first got there and everyone discovered I wasn't as "poor" as them, they started treating me differently.

This is a little embarassing for me, but I got the job because I knew someone from "inside". I didn't want it that way, I just wanted to experience how a job interview worked, I didn't expect to get hired because the interview was horrible. I would have been happier if they rejected me since it was the fair and honest way. But I got in. When everyone knew about me knowing someone from a higher position of the company, they thought I was going to use that as an advantage to whatever. I don't know how they knew, I didn't want them to know because I knew that they were going to outcast me more.

Nobody really liked me, everybody thought I was weird.

My manager already hated me on the first day, he was very intimidating. My trainer yelled at me, always getting mad at me for making a mistake or doing something out of ignorance. It wasn't just my trainer, it was also my manager. One time my friends went in to see me, I accidentally did something wrong and started yelling at me and kicking stuff in front of the customers. I was always made fun of.

I had a co-worker whom I thought was going to be my first real friend on the job, so we shared stories and the next day he told everybody about me and made fun of everything I just said. That made me more conscious.

It felt just like high school I hated it.

One of the things that I can't forget about my first job was that time when my co-worker and my manager were whispering at each other and giggling, I ignored it. My manager went up to me and said "don't get offended but me and ******** had a bet that if you let me touch your boobs, he'll give me his christmas bonus. I'll give you half of it." how can I not get offended by that?

And last but not least, I can't forget about that time when the same co-worker would tell us about his random nights with strangers, he's gay, and he won't shut up. I don't have anything bad about gays but do I really want to hear how people have sex?

After one month, I quit. I wasn't very honest when they asked me why.

After all this, I'm scared to get another job or work with people.

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You are the Cream

Please don't be afraid of people. Five percent are truly worth knowing. Keeping look for them. They are the cream at the top.

One foot in front of the other...
by: Anonymous

Sadly you will have to get another job and that is the reality. But, just take it one day at a time and keep on saying positive things inside your head - positive self-talk. That's something you have to practice for a bit before you can actually do it.
In my own situation, I also greatly fear working with other people. I'm still in the recovery stages and worry that no one will like me at a new workplace too. It's normal.That's how we survive - we learn to fear that which has harmed us. But just be aware that it's NOT you. These people were obviously uncouth clods.
I wish you the best and just want you to know that you're not alone. You can't control how these types of people act but with some work you can control how they affect you.
Just to prove its not you, how much you want to make a bet that they are now picking on someone else? It's THEM!

Bullies r Wack
by: Anonymous

Sometimes hurtful words can cause more pain than physical abuse and In this case it can lead to suicide! Nowadays bullying can happen anywhere and because the internet is becoming a main source of communication it is also becoming a main cause of bullying! It saddens me to think that above all the pressures of being a young student and learning to adjust to the overwhelming pressures of everyday life such as school work, finding a source of income, applying to collages, peer pressure, and to top it off trying to fit in the stereotype of "cool". To me being "cool" consists of being different, unique and having the potential of standing up for what is right and not settling for what may be "cool" at that moment. In a young mind it is very common to do things on impulse unaware that serious consequences can accrue down the road. For me it was always very important to consider other peoples feelings and when being a witness to bullying never allowing it to reach its full potential. During high school I witnessed many bullying incidents and made it clear that these victims have feelings and different intentions and we need to learn to accept people for who they are because America was built on diversity and freedom of expressing oneself so who are "you" to speak upon someone else?s looks, clothes, friends, personality, or love interest? Like a snowflake NO two people are alike so lets learn to embrace the beauty in being different!

If anyone is being a victim of bullying please know there is help! Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem! and remember "10 years from now it wont matter the shoes you wore or the friends you had what will matter is the person you become!"

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Thanks, Lexz

Me, too
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to say that after a bad work experience I was very afraid to work again. Please don't feel ashamed, and give yourself time to heal. I wish someone had made me understand that when I was struggling. Best wishes. It will get better.

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