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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Fortune 500 Employer "Provides" Legal Counsel For Workplace Bully

by Anonymous For A While
(Virginia, USA)

My story is one for a Television Movie Network. Because of my strengths, the workplace bully's choice of weapon was our judicial system. The Victimizer was able to obtain a false Order of Protection and completed a Criminal Complaint although never filed, with attempts to destroy me. Finding the Criminal Complaint copy brought both pleasure and closure as I was able to chronologically place the days it took to implement the planned attack. Reading the Criminal Complaint several nights before bed, I found great peace understanding the extremes the Victimizer "had to" use to satisfy her taste for revenge.

Yes, the workplace bully was wrong, however, the accountability is placed on the employer first and then our government. After sharing this, we now know the reason my employment came to an end. Years ago, I reported a manager to Human Resources for failing to accommodate. In the legal world, causation is usually in close proximity to the adverse action(s) which provides some employers a way of escape, however, it does create a clear picture of retaliation. The false allegations were used to remove an outspoken employee expressing deferential treatment.

There is no anger towards the workplace bully, however, it is felt by many. I use the word "disappointment" because that's what it is to live having to accept a human being does this to another human being. I do not give anyone the power to dictate my life. Holding angry "completes" the bullies plan and creates health problems for oneself. Workplace bullies expect us to hide in shame and have an appearance of being beaten and broken down. For me, it's just the opposite. Confirming this statement, my first court appearance, I was approached with the question "Are you the court stenographer?" Then stating, "I see your bag." There sat the workplace bully in faded jeans, scuffed boots and a jacket. Leaving court, the workplace bullying passed me with her head down, never raising it while having a great distance between us. I purposely watched the workplace bully's walk of shame all the way to her car. I was empowered more knowing that the workplace bully could not look at me because of the humiliation she carried.

The defamation the Victimizer tried to deny was now in her own handwriting. The false Order of Protection also suggest, I was a repeat offender. The question asked on the Order of Protection "Have you obtained an EPO, PPO, or a PO against the respondent before?" There were no "Yes or No" boxes to check, therefore, the Victimizer had to write in the response taking away the possibility of error. The workplace bully proves the intent by writing the word "Yes." I was further defamed by definition with the use of our employee handbook. The Victimizer used descriptions of Workplace Violence provided by our employer. Those were the ingredients for the creation of the Criminal Complaint. Several of the descriptions ended with the statement "up to immediate termination" and the workplace bully used almost every one.

The false Order of Protection wants you to describe any acts of violence, force or threat committed by the Respondent. I was accused of stalking. When asked by my attorney for the dates, the Victimizer stated she would get back with him adding she did not want to give the incorrect information, to date no video has been provided. There was an internet chat with over 200 attendees. Some laughed when my name was written in chat as the employee who lost their job because of "Unwanted Visits" the same language written by the Victimizer in the false Order of Protection. The Victimizer knew I was out on FMLA, saw me leaving the doctor's office, feet bandaged and walking on crutches - this is why she could not give a date.

The accusation on the false Order of Protection and the Criminal Complaint were never investigated by our Fortune 500 employer. The Victimizer shared with my then attorney, she "never" stated she was threatened. She also stated to him, she would settle for a minimal amount admitting no fault. It was only "after" lawsuits were filed, court documents reveal "in defendants opinion, the plaintiff was a threat to her safety." I'm almost twice the Victimizer's age, with arthritis, a chronic disease contributing to hand numbness, returning back to work after having my fourth foot surgery and still attending therapy, I was considered a threat. Keep in mind, Human Resource and the Fortune 500 attorneys had access to my medical file.

One of the most "traumatizing" factors in my story, the Victimizer's reward - Fortune 500 is "providing" legal counsel to the workplace bully for these actions. The question is "Why?"

I shared with Human Resource the Victimizer was a cancer to the corporation and they fired the wrong person. Literally and Figuratively they did!

In conclusion, the Fortune 500 was a great company to work for having some of the best managers. It's stated in one of my annual reviews "(My Name…) can position herself to become a Change Leader." That opportunity was taken from me, however, I "can" and "will" become a Change Leader outside the walls of the Fortune 500 doing everything I can to make sure no one will have to share a story like mine!!

Here's What I've Done:
I used the word "termination" the definition is to bring something to an end. I do not use the word "fired" as one definition reads, you are terminated from your job due to something that the "company" deems was "your" fault. Here, I followed our Employee Handbook to address harassment reading "When appropriate and if the Associate feels comfortable doing so, he or she should address the conduct…". Why would I not feel comfortable if the harassing person has been to my home several times.

The irony of this story, both employees used guidelines provided by the employer. One employee using it as a tool to "correct" a problem and the other employee used it "creating" a problem. If the Fortune 500 employer took the time to address the work related concerns having an impact not just on myself but other employees as well, I would not be sharing this story. Sadly, "every" concern of mine was reviewed by blinded eyes and fell deaf ears. The actions of the workplace bully solidifies all of my concerns. Just as the workplace bully provided evidence for me, (Criminal Complaint) her actions of the planned attack now provides the evidence supporting why my concerns should have not been ignored.

More of What I Have Done:
Lawsuits have been filed -
Sharing my story with media and news sources having published articles on workplace bullying -
Website coming soon sharing my entire story, providing statistics and creating workshops -
My "GoFundMe" should support meeting with my state senators sharing the need for more protection at work -
I've compiled over 50 Indeed reviews submitted by past and present employees having the same concerns within the Fortune 500 Company -

Through my challenges, I've also believed there are entrepreneurial opportunities for those skilled in social media and website creation.

I've compiled a list of lawsuits, fines and penalties assessed showing the Fortune 500 Company does not live the motto "Doing the Right Thing. "It's only "after" agencies take legal action "requiring" them to do so and lawsuits are filed. Investigations Done - Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

Moving Forward:
Speaking with government officials to revisit current laws and procedures of False Police Reporting -
Speaking against "NO" prohibition for Petitioners creating Entrapment - I had to leave work until my court date after seeing the workplace bully from 2012 enter into the scene. The workplace bully from 2012 introduced me to newcomers of the department as the "crazy lady" that sits by herself. (my seat selection was a medical accommodation). The workplace bully from 2012, shared with many my co-workers…"she (me) hasn't done anything to me, I just don't like her."

As victims, we must "continue" telling our stories holding not only workplace bullies accountable but the employer as well. This is what it looks like when the life planned has been taken away. My time in research allows me to tell the story with supporting evidence no one expects to hear or read. As a victim in my state, the legal journey has allowed me to find the shortcomings of our government system from local, state, federal and Supreme Court levels. I've also found shortcomings with EEOC and Bar Association supported by published articles.

Targets of workplace bullying are NOT the weakest players; in fact, they often represent the "strongest individuals" therefore, Victimizers "have to" use extreme measures of destruction shining the light on the darkness they carry inside. Here, the Fortune 500 employer failed "both" employees and without change, they "will" fail many more.

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