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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Friend Of Boss An Obnoxious Bully

by JoJo
(Rochester, NY)

My boss, the practice manager and owner's wife, has appointed her best friend as her "assistant" to act as the manager when she is out of the office.

This friend is an obnoxious bully who questions everyone and everything and runs back to tattle on anything she can. She has no experience or qualifications to be a manager and is the type to have to cut down others to make herself look better.

She badmouths everyone behind their back, ruffles the boss's feathers over non-issues, and then we are "scolded" like children.

We all feel very bullied and cannot go to the boss... this is her best friend and she will defend her to the death.

Besides quitting, do any of us have any other options?

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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strength in numbers
by: Anonymous

If you and your co-workers went together united (how many of you are there?) and picked one person who speaks well, gives many examples and doesn't come across like your just whining but rather how much this is effecting the work floor and productivity, ultimately the (his) business, would he listen then?
Just how united are you and your co-workers? Can you all afford to stand up together and walk away from the job if necessary? Think about it, a major chuck of the employees get up and leave, work untouched, unprocessed... let the wife and her bully friend figure it out!

by: Anonymous

Having already tried the "talking to the boss rationally" method with no result, I have since quit my job there - as have 2 others. Life is now good.

Quitting is the only option
by: Anonymous

Exactly my situation, I have just quit the job where senior administrator is the best friend of operation manager. I have been working there only one year and this senior gal made my life at work a living hell.. She simply saw me as a threat to her position, and of cause not to forget a jealousy issue.. All possible bullying weapons were tried on me- putting all coworkers against me, silent treatment, insulting comments,overloading with work and etc etc etc ... I was miserable, I was depressed , I was dreading to go to work,I was afraid to come to work simply looking good, even things like a new shoes or hairstyle would guarantee that my day will be hell today. And she has absolute support of her manager friend. I went to report HR and General Director but was told to stand by myself which I had to do ALONE because all the other colleagues are simply afraid of her. So finally I realized my health is more important and I am not going to be a victim for any money so I left and feeling so much happier though still traumatized as I have never experienced being a bully victim before in my life. My advise to all victims-just quit if its affecting you too much. U will find better place and better ppl.

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