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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Friend Who Was Boss Turns Into A Bully Boss

by Janet
(Canton, IL, USA)

I got my job because I was friends with a boss. I ended horrible friendship and she punished me at work for it till I finally quit when it was affecting my health and life so bad I had no choice.

I reported bosses bad unlawful behavior to management and they treated me like I was the trouble maker. I don't understand how a company can get away with claiming such a false mission statement.

I will do everything I can to expose the truth and bring positive changes to the community in which I live as well as others. There are all kinds of agency to help.

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Me too
by: Anonymous

A charismatic lady I made friends with through a meet-up group offered me the opportunity to be her temporary assistant while she looked for a permanent one. She had been the manager for this particular property management firm for less than a year and had already fired two assistants. She was a very shrewd business woman and paid me as an independent contractor for far less than what the other assistants made. I ignored the red flags as I was desperate to work after a long stretch of unemployment.

Nothing I did was good enough. She said my clothes weren't trendy and pointed out physical flaws I didn't know I had. I was too serious and didn't smile enough. My voice didn't sound right on the phone. She didn't like it when the maintenance guys or contractors talked to me. She even complained that I left the toilet roll tail in the bathroom too long after use. She said I didn't have the "chops" for this business. Despite my lack of perfection, I was kept on for eight months because she couldn't find a replacement. One gal she hired quit the first day because of her overbearing personality. Other hiring attempts failed because none of the applicants had the "right qualifications". Finally I said enough and left. She went through several more assistants after me.

My takeaway from the experience was a. just because someone is friendly and nice in social situations doesn't mean they will be that way in the workplace and b. trust your gut, not the so-called friend if a situation doesn't sound right.

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