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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

From One Bully To The Next?

I've written here before and have always felt heard and supported. My being bullied has led me into a deep depression and social withdrawal. I have not worked in over a year. I have no income. I am fighting insurance companies which is almost impossible to do with this illness, as anyone suffering from depression can understand. Even the medical field only has so much patience for people without a visible injury.

My newest psychiatrist (due to a move) is supposed to help me fight the insurers but has decided that my illness might have been misdiagnosis and he called me 'overly sensitive', stating that the bully never physically hurt me or threatened to kill me in anyway. All my other doctors have told me I'm not well enough to go back, another breakdown is inevitable. He seems to disagree, stating 'hard love'. He also thinks my meds are all wrong and is adjusting them.

It's almost impossible to get a psychiatrist where I live and for insurance purposes you can't change them. Any advice?

A good read for all fighting insurance companies would be "Navigating workplace disability insurance report" talks about true life stories of people, now, and their journey.

PS. The bully is still working, getting payed and still doing her thing. For all the victims out there who have no income this Christmas I just want you all to know that you're not alone. I know it doesn't put presents under the tree and food on the table but I understand the pain and anger you're going through. I understand your loss, physically, emotionally, and financially, but mostly the lost of 'you'. There is no easy fix, no easy answers. I think the 'weak' just have to figure a way to navigate through the strong peoples world and learn to fit in and survive.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for From One Bully To The Next?

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Re; multiple bullies...
by: Susan

Firstly you are not weak. It takes courage to stand up to a bully, and from my experience, most people seem unable to do that.
I have been the target of bullies for a number of years now, and they are prepared to break the law to get me driven out of the community I have lived in for nearly twenty years.
I don't know what I have done wrong other than be the person I am, which is not really all that bad.
I am now the victim of multiple stalking - or organised 'mobbing' - and I have reason to believe this has been started by someone in a position of 'authority' in my community.
I have had street 'theatre' done on me of late and now 'they' (whoever 'they' are), are prepared to use school-age kids for the harrassing.
It's a new tactic they haven't tried before. Believe me, they are always thinking of something new.
It's like a wierd experiment, or maybe it's some sadist or psychopath who gets pleasure from torturing innocent individuals.
Whatever the truth, I just want to tell my story for what it is.
And I hope you, and all those who are victims of hate, prejudice, bullying and mobbing, can find some peace this Christmas.

I'm a TI too
by: Janet

Hi to both of you. I'm so sorry you have been victims of bullying/stalking. It is a torturous crime! I have been a TI for over 20 years. All I can give as advice is to read, read, read as much info as you can find on it and educated yourself about what is happening to you. Remember, knowledge is power! The more people that expose this crime against humanity the quicker we can suppress "THEM"!

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