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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Frustrated With The Man Who Owns The Company

by Ann

I have worked for the financial company for 20 years. I work directly under the owner. During this time he has said thank you maybe five times. He talks to me like I'm his wife. My husband jokingly told him one day to get his own wife. With the job market what it is I'm afraid to do anything but nod my head and agree. He is also politically involved and tells me, you think this is hard make them do it for free, you'll learn to manipulate them. You don't speak to him unless you are spoken to.

The other day he used the wrong log in for a transaction and I sent him an email reminding him of the new process. He replied back to me "by the way don't ever send me an email like this again. You should congratulate the employee on the sale and not worry about the operations" this is hard for me to swallow because he never tells anyone good job. I am the cheerleader of the company, I am the rock that holds alot of the employees there.

4 years ago all wage increases were stopped and nothing since. I personally at that time stopped receiving all bonuses of 10k a year. I am the highest paid employee and always walk on egg shells worried about losing my job. I give 110%, never sick or late, always helping the company find more profit, and stepping in to do what is needed.

I'm so frustrated.

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