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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Getting Blamed For Manager's Mistakes

by Maybelle

Everyday my manager would blame me for every mistake that happened in the office, I even got in trouble for her mistakes. She lied to the director about me and sadly I think (even though the director knew me) she believed what she was being told.

Every time the manager did the change we would be down 50-80 dollars but that was alright as she was the one making the mistakes. She was constantly telling me that I wasn't doing my job correctly in front of the clients and then when they had left she would admit that I was doing it the right way and she was wrong. (of course after they walked away)

The other lady in the office would abuse and swear at the clients and that was alright because they were BFF's. Even though we worked in an environment that it was our job to look out for the families of sick people. A couple of times she even cost us hundreds of dollars from the mistakes that she made and then it would be up to the rest of us to fix her mistakes.

It got to the stage that I hated going there because I knew that she would cause me more humiliation in front of the other staff members and the clients. When the director would ring I would even get in trouble if I spoke to her as my manager didn't like her but was unable to go off at her so she would take it out on me.

She even turned the other staff members against me, but it was also another lady who worked there that she had a problem with and would do all the same things to her. The only people she was nice to was the ones who did everything she wanted and I just couldn't be that person.

If you are going through something like this just make a compliant in letter form and don't let them get away with it. Just stand up for yourself...

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