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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Getting The Run-Around From School

My daughter has been bullied for the past 2 years at school. This year I decided to meet the principal to see what could be done without it getting worse for my daughter. The principal was not very helpful with ways of handling it. In February it was getting worse and my daughter was beginning to miss days of school. She never misses school. She was finding it harder and harder to face this bully and the friends that were supporting her.

Went back to school in February and dealt with vice principal. He said that he would meet with bully and tell her to leave my daughter alone or else she could be suspended and lose a trip to Europe. things went better for 3 weeks and then they had march break. when march break was over the Bully forgot warning and it all began again.

My daughter was starting to want to stay home more and more. Confidence and self esteem gone she felt like she had no more friends and no more future. She is graduating this year and my fear as a parent was that she would not graduate and go into a depression.

She was attacked by bully on March 26 and we pressed charges with the police. The bully only got a 5 day suspension and got to keep her trip to Europe. The school did not follow through with the consequences. My daughter went back to school for 2 days but could not concentrate because she was made out to be the bad one for pressing charges.

The school requested a medical paper before they could provide tutoring at home. Medical paper was sent to school on April 8 and she has not had tutoring or homework sent home as I requested. we are now april 17 and I will be going to school today to pick up homework with a friend so that I will have a witness with me. A french tutor is supposed to be coming tomorrow April 18 and math tutor next Tuesday, April 23.

I feel that the school is giving me the run-around and that the bully is getting approval for what she has done. I feel that my daughter's education is being neglected by the school. I have also spoke to the director general at the school board and he is no help at all. He was supposed to call me back on April 15 and I have not heard back from him. I have also called back on April 9 and left him a message about my daughter's tutoring and no call back. My daughter and I are living a nightmare…

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Getting the Run-Around from School Reply
by: Anonymous

I would go see a Lawyer and sue them for the damage to your daughter - the damage is her physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. She sounds like she has depression and anxiety or at least anxiety. Take her to the Doctor so you can get some objective evidence of the toll the bullying has taken on her.
What action did the Police take? Was the bully prosecuted? If not, the bully should have been prosecuted. Go back to the Police and press for this to happen. The suspension from the school is inadequate. I agree with you there.
If Police prosecution does not eventuate, you should sue the school for damages. They'll change their behaviour then.
Better still sue them anyway and take her out of that dreadful place and place her in a new school.
You need professional help for her. The Doctor will be objective evidence of the effects of the bullying on your child.
I feel very sad for your situation and wish you all the best.

Support for my daughter
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your response. I believe the next step is to get a lawyer. It would really only to ensure that the school follows what they have been telling me but not following through with. My daughter wants to graduate this year and feels that everything she is doing might all be for nothing. She is afraid that they will not give her the diploma even if she does all the homework now being sent home after 10 days. I feel the same way.
Thanks for your words of support.

Further Reply - Getting the Run-Around from School
by: Anonymous

Don't give up. Take the action you believe you need to. The school cannot withhold her Diploma if she has done her work. If you believe that they are marking her harshly, you also have recourse. I'm from Australia, but understand that there are organisations where you live that will assist you.
Bring the bullying out into the open and expose the school for its bullying of your child. Their behaviour is also bullying.
Your child will be successful, because you are showing her, that when the going gets tough the tough get going. As a result she will never give up and that is the key ingredient to success. The bullies rarely fare well in life.
Let me know how you get on.

Getting The Run-Around From School
by: Blacklist-Ed

I would suggest that you have your daughter set up an email account with her name in it, then set up an email account with your name in it. A trusted third person also. Your daughter should document every instance of bullying the day that it happened, being as descriptive as possible (names, witnesses, dates, times, location, etc.) Those emails should remain in your inboxes and not be deleted. This way a chronological record (and possibly a nasty book) is maintained.

In general I have found that a lot of young girls (and women for that matter) are some of the worst bullies around. In an article I read one of the "Mean Girls" actually put it this way. "From day one we have to compete. We have to compete with other girls for friends. We have to compete with other girls for jobs. And eventually we have to compete with other girls to get a husband."

I hope this helps!

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